Recovering data from a hard drive

Get Your Data Recovered No fix? No fee!

Advanced Data Recovery, based in Covent Garden, specialises in recovering data from any device capable of storing data including Personal Computers, Laptops, External HDDS, and RAID servers. We recover data from smaller devices too. Storage devices can be delivered in person, sent by post or couriered to our Data Recovery Centre.

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Stack of hard drives

Failed RAID Server Recovery No fix? No fee!

Our engineers are experts in recovering data from failed RAID setups including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. They can also recover data from RAID devices that have failed as the result of an unsuccessful rebuild. We recover from any RAID setup regardless of manufacturer or configuration.

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Data recovery centres nationwide

Twenty Nationwide Centres No fix? No fee!

We have 4 data recovery centres in the London area as well as 16 other data recovery centres located across the United Kingdom. They are in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Bracknell, Staines, Maidenhead, Belfast and Guildford.

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No Fix? No Fee!

We are the premier Data Recovery Company in London and the first to offer a No Fix No Fee policy.

Laptop data recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

We have a varied client base and are on hand to help small businesses, corporations, government institutions and the individual PC user.

Laptop on charge

Super Quick Recovery Times

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest data recovery times of any data recovery company within the Greater London area.

Laptop in use

Did You Know?

We now have 20,000 parts in stock!

Our vast and varied stock means we do not have to outsource for components.

Advanced Data Recovery – Premier Service From London’s Premier Data Recovery Company

At Advanced Data Recovery we recover data from a wide range of storage devices that have failed for a wide variety of reasons. Our experts can recover data from any computer regardless of configuration or manufacturer and can ensure that the recovery of your data is efficient and accurate. Click here for more information...

LaCie Data Recovery

Lacie external hard drives are used by a great many people to store important data with them on a day to day basis. With the ever expanding amount of memory and the ever shrinking size of the Lacie external hard drives it is perhaps surprising that there are not much greater numbers of drives that experience problems with data access. Lacie external hard drives are very popular additional storage units used by many computer users. Lacie is one of the most popular external drives on the market due to its good design looks and its good name. Very often these […] Read More

RAID Recovery Specialists

Don’t Hesitate When It Comes To RAID Recovery RAID drives are very popular as data storage devices for companies as they offer large amounts of storage that is, in general, pretty reliable. When a RAID drive malfunctions however you may feel that you have lost everything when you find that you are unable to get to important information that is stored on there. When you purchase your RAID system you should be aware of the different RAID architectures and configurations that are available. RAID 0 systems will stripe the data onto multiple drives. This is the least effective RAID system […] Read More

Forensic Recovery

Recover Important Data with Forensic Recovery While the recovery of data from inaccessible drives is usually important because the files and information that have become inaccessible are vital for their use within a business, sometimes the data that needs to be retrieved from a system is in relation to a criminal case and so can be key to providing evidence for an investigation or trial. Forensic data recovery is often carried out where there is a significant amount of evidence that has either been held, or is currently held on some sort of system that could include anything from phones […] Read More