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We have recovered data for a range of different clients including home users, small businesses, banks, photographers, accountants, solicitors, coporate companies, schools, universities, students etc. The list is endless, if you need data recovered, we are the company for you.

Recovery Case Studies

Case Study 1: Iomega 2TB NAS Drive

Iomega 2TB NAS Drive stopped working without any prior warning. Client removed the HDD from the Iomega NAS casing and connect the hard disk directly to my PC. HDD was now connected to PC and was spinning healthily, but HDD was only intermittently visible in CMOS at boot - at times the HDD was visible and at other times it was not visible in CMOS. HDD was only intermittently visible in Windows Device Manager. Client had a mixture of movies, music and photos stored on the Iomega NAS Drive. We received in the Iomega drive and quickly diagnosed that the Iomega system was two disk raid 0 system. One of the disks in the raid 0 configuration had electronic and HDD Firmware issues. We upgraded the Iomega electronics on HDD and flashed new firmware to hard disk. We then was able to image all sectors on HDD and backed up data to another external HDD.

* We work with all NAS External Hard Drive Systems including Iomega, Lacie, Buffalo, Synology, Seagate, WD etc.

Case Study 2: Lacie 2big Network Raid 1 System

Lacie 2big network set to Raid 1. A Raid 1 system means there is two disks inside the Lacie casing that had an identical copy of the data on each disk. Photoshop crashed one day while using the Lacie 2big system and the client could not access most of the files on the Lacie system. Something happened during the crash, some files have moved location, other folders have been renamed, most folders are invisible and the speed of the system is very very slow. When client tried to copy data to Lacie 2big system it took 10 minutes to copy a 10mb graphics file. Client tried different disk utilities to try and repair the file structure on the NAS system but no go. Disks have degraded on Lacie 2Big external drive system. We removed 2 disks and diagnosed each disk. The two disks had millions of bad sectors, and one of the disks had an out of date dataset so could not be used for the recovery process. We imaged the disk that had an up-to-date dataset on a hardware imaging system we have for force reading bad sectors and produced a 100% image of hard drive. We then processed the raid 1 system and backed up data to a Seagate portable hard drive.

* We specialise in recovering data from Raid based systems.

Case Study 3: MacBook only booting up to question mark symbol

Client had a 3 year old Macbook Pro running the Snow Leopard operating system. When they booted up the Macbook they received a flashing folder with a question mark on a grey screen. Client took Macbook to Mac Store to get them to look at Macbook but they could not recover the data. The Mac Store recommended ourselves to recover the data. A flashing question mark on an iMac, Macbook, Mac Air means the operating system software cannot be read correctly. If running startup disk or taking it to Mac Store does not resolve the problem then it normally means the hard disk has a software/electronic or mechanical fault. We diagnosed the Macbook disk and confirmed the hard disk had a faulty read write head assembly. It turns out the Laptop was dropped. We upgraded the motor on hard disk and imaged all sectors on disk. We backed up data on 5 data dvd's for client.

* We offer that good a service that Apple stores across the UK recommend us to their clients!

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Why Choose Advanced Data Recovery To Recover Your Lost Data?

We are the recognised experts in recovering data. We recover data for all types of businesses and individuals including Small Businesses, Private & Public Companies, Government Depts, NHS, Universities, Schools, Students, Pensioners, Home Users etc. Click on locations link on main menu to find your nearest centre. All Data Recovery Centres are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Hard Disks can be dropped into us or posted into us.

  • Unlike other data recovery companies, we don’t work with the actual disks themselves, we always image hard disks and work with the images instead.
  • We have 14 years experience in recovering from external hard drives and have over 15,000 parts in stock which we don’t sell but instead use exclusively for client related data recovery needs.
  • We believe we offer the quickest data recovery service within the UK.

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