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Mac Drive Issues:

Apple Mac hard drives can fail like any other manufacturer. Most of the hard drives inside Mac laptops today or 2.5″ and 1.8″ SATA, SSD, ZIF drives in laptop systems and 3.5″ SAAT drives inside their iMac Desktop system. In the past the drives would have had standard IDE connections. There are signs your Mac may be experience software type problems such as question mark on booting up Mac, won’t let you log on, will not get past the boot up screen etc. Mechanical problems are indicated by clicking, buzzing or beeping noises from Apple laptop indicating a problem with the hard drive. We are London’s best Mac Data Recovery Company. Below is a list of common Mac faults we receive in for recovery:

Mac Hard Drive Failures Mechanical and Software Orientated:

Mechanical failures is usually indicated on a Apple Mac by clicking, buzzing or beeping noises. Buzzing or beeping noises is normally an indication that there is a problem with the motor inside the hard drive casing. The motor spins the disk platters. If the platters are not spinning correctly then the data cannot be read from them and thus you will get buzzing or beeping noises. The other common mechanical damage is clicking noises coming from your Mac system. This indicates there is a problem with the read/write heads that read the sectors on the disk platters. Our Mac data recovery experts have 14 years experience in recovering data from mechanically damaged Mac systems.

Mac Hard Drive PCB Failings:

Electronic failure on a Mac is normally the result of either having the wrong power supply connected to your Macp or that it has received a power spike from the power socket that it was plugged into. If your power supply gets broken our advice is to replace it with an exact match from Apple. When a hard drive has an electronic failure it normally means the PCB on the back on the hard drive has blown some chips on the board. We have over 15,000 Electronic PCB’s in stock exclusive for our Mac clients.

Mac Hard Drive Firmware Problems:

MacBook firmware is software that resides on the hard drive disk platters or electronic board (PCB). When Mac firmware code gets corrupted on your hard drive the Laptop will not work correctly. We have built up a large HDD firmware database to fix this type of problem. If you have a firmware problem contact London’s No1 Mac Data Recovery Company.

Mac Hard Drive OS Compatibility Errors:

When a Mac runs slowly and starts to freeze this is the most common fault we receive in for recovery. When this happens it normally means the Mac hard drive is degrading. In most cases it means there are a lot of bad sectors on the hard drive and as a result of this the Laptop cannot read the contents on the hard drive’s disk platters and thus freezes the system. We have 14 years experience of recovering data from this type of problem. We have the best hardware imaging equipment to image the bad sectors from the damaged hard drives.

Featured Article

Apple Mac Recovery Not A Problem


I have a Macbook Air MD231II which was designed to save work data on when I was away from the office. I don’t have much experience in the Mac design, and I may have made some errors in getting to grips with it slowly. The fact is that I might have lost some serious data while I was doing an update to the operating system. The Macbook wanted to do this, and I agreed, but as soon as the computer restarted, it demanded a password, something it is calling a Keychain password. I don’t know what this means, but I have not been able to use the computer since, as I can’t get into the operating system. This means that the data which I have saved to the Macbook is unavailable. I asked the IT specialist what I should do, and thought that I had instructions on how to delete the password, but it is still there. I am simply blocked off whatever I try. I am not able to get into the files and folders, and this is affecting my work.


I have a Macbook Air which is about 16 months old now. I recently decided to do an upgrade for the OS onto Mountain Lion, and so I removed my data onto an external hard drive. However, I also decided to install Mountain Lion onto a Windows computer, using a copy of the setup files from my Mac. However, what happens now is that the Macbook is falling to sleep and is not able to recover itself when I log in. This means that I am not able to get the Macbook to open up, and I can’t download the data from the external hard drive back onto my computer. I can’t get the PC to read the hard drive, and it hasn’t accepted my attempts to convert it to a Mac OS.


I have been using an Apple Mac desktop which is preventing me from accessing or copying iMac videos. I shoot wedding videos for a living so I need access to the last 4 wedding shoots so that I can edit them. At the moment, when I try to open the wedding folder it has the videos but they are all greyed out. I have tried viewing the videos in a variety of formats, including online and in specialist video-editing software but they simply will not open. As I can’t download the videos into a USB stick, and I can’t copy them into other parts of the computer, I don’t know how I can recover the data which is already in files on my computer, and I don’t know how I will be able to use the data in the future.

iMAC 2009

I have an iMac which is a late 2009 model, which is experiencing a problem with the keyboard which is affecting how I access data on my drive. I have tried several different USB ports in order to fix the problem, but it doesn’t seem to work. When I type a letter on the keyboard, there are numbers which suddenly appear in the middle of a word, such as ‘w3o5r1d’, like that for whole sentences. The problem has extended beyond the simple typing of words, and now includes things such as file names, and even previously saved documents which have been edited by me. This makes the data which I have used recently virtually unreadable, and I cannot fix it by deleting the numbers and then saving, as the numbers appear again. The numbers have already affected some files, so the computer can’t access them on the system (file not found being the most common problem).

Apple Mac Recovery Not A Problem

When your Apple Mac hard drive crashes it doesn’t matter what your system is whether it is a MacBook, iMac, iPad or iPhone, it is a tough blow as you suddenly have to consider the possibility that all of your information has been lost. However before you start trying to estimate the cost of everything you have lost you should come and talk to us first. We are specialists in Mac data recovery from all types of hard drivs. We have 14 years of experience in recovering data and our track record speaks for itself with 99% of all cases resulting in data recovery. This is why we have a policy in which you don’t pay us unless we recover your data, so in the very unlikely event that your data is unrecoverable, it hasn’t cost you anything to find out.

Mac computers use internal disks from companies such as Seagate, Maxtor and Western Digital, all of which we have experience in recovering. We can also recover Mac data from external disks made by companies such as Lacie and Buffalo. For those of you who are using RAID arrays with a Mac operating system we can also recover those.

We have experience in recovering data from all of Apples operating system including Snow Leopard Mac OS X, Tiger, Lion Server, OS X Mountain Lion. As we have been recovering data for a number of years we are not only able to recover data from the latest solid state devices and micro-drives, we are also experts in recovering data from older Mac IDE drives.

There are a number of reasons why a Mac disk drive may fail, or alternatively why your data may not be accessible. One of the most common reasons for data being inaccessible is due to accidental actions that have been carried out on the drive. Perhaps it has been formatted, or data has been mistakenly deleted, but these actions are not necessarily as permanent as they seem. A simple phone call to one of our Apple Mac recovery specialists will provide you with a diagnosis and a quote for how much recovery will cost and how long it will take to complete.

Of course there are many other things that can lead to data not being accessible. Some of these will be due to software corruption or failure, while others will be due to the corruption of data after the infection of the disk by a virus. While these cases are more complex than deleted data they are not as difficult to address as the mechanical failure of a drive. Mechanical failure can lead to the physical damage of the drive that may mean that complete data retrieval is not possible. Other types of physical damage can be caused by extreme temperatures or by exposure to electrical current surges.

So no matter what has happened to your data and disk, give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Client Testimonials

“ I had lost 4 years uni work on a 500gb WD Passport drive, I panicked a bit as I really needed the data but Advanced Data Recovery recovered all data. Expensive lesson not to have a backup in place but a quality service. ”

Barry Brown, Chelsea London

“ There was 6 months Pictures and Video on my damaged iMac computer. I took it to Apple to get serviced and data recovered but Apple store could not do anything and recommended Advanced Data Recovery. Data recovered within 48 hours and backed up onto data DVD. Thanks for recovering my data. ”

Shelia Houston, Camden London

“ My HP Pavilion business laptop would not boot up. Took it to a local PC shop and they removed hard drive and tried to read it from a HDD Caddy. They could not read it and recommended Advanced Recovery. I dropped it into Covent Garden branch and booked it on a critical recovery service. Disk was diagnosed within 3 hours and data recovered within 24 hours. An expensive service but a full recovery. My vat returns will be made on time for a change! ”

Peter Presley, Islington London

“ We run a graphics production studio in Westminster. Our Synology multi disk raid NAS system became inaccessible on Monday morning. We called Synology support who advised on a system upgrade but made no difference. After several recovery attempts we decided to contact a Data Recovery Company. Advanced diagnosed the fault over the phone. They arranged to collect the system from us. They recovered all of our 10tb of data within 3 days. All data backed up and returned to us. Will use them again but hopefully won't have to! ”

T Ayers, Westminister London

“ Advanced Recovery have a very courteous and efficient team. My Seagate external drive had dropped from a table and would not longer work. Thank you for getting all my data back. It is a pricey operation but the data recovery expertise I suppose comes at a cost. ”

Peter O Brien, Croydon London

“ Our legal department Raid 5 Dell Server went down last weekend. We had a Dell engineer on Monday come out to service Dell Server. He upgrade motherboard and replaced one hard drive. He completed a rebuild on server but could not get server to boot up. We phoned Advanced Data Recovery, they diagnosed that the rebuild only rebuilt 14% and due to that the system would not boot. They advised they could recover all data from server with 3 days including vital Sage Accounts Data that we could not do without. 3 days later we are up and running, thanks for saving our bacon guys! ”

Mark Adams, Enfield London

“ 5 star data recovery service. Thank you for recovering data from my Sandisk 16gb camera memory card. We used two memory cards for a wedding shoot. One of the cards contained just over 400 pictures and would not read on our studio computers are on the camera that took the pictures. Contacted Sandisk support who advised card had a physical failure and would replace card. We needed pictures from card ASAP. Advanced recovered all pictures from card by reading the chips inside card casing. 1st class service. ”

Andy Meyers, Ealing London