Raid Recovery

  • Standard Service (2 - 3 Days) - £495
  • Express Service (2 Days) - £895
  • Critical Service (1 Day) - £1495
Raid Recovery

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The 1st Data Recovery Company in UK to offer No Fix No Fee service, as we have the highest recovery rates in UK.

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We recover data for anyone in the London area, from Home Users to businesses such as Banks, Solicitors, Graphic Designers, Video Production Companies etc.

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We offer the quickest recovery times within the Greater London area for the low prices we charge.

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RAID 5, RAID 0 and RAID 1 Servers Errors and Failures:

A Raid 5, Raid 1 or Raid 0 server or rack system can fail for a different number of reasons. Common Raid failures include power surges that damage the raid controller card or the hard drives, Raid rebuilds that have gone wrong, Hard disk failure to one or more disks in the Raid Array, system upgrade that has gone wrong, corrupted data on Raid Array, Firmware upgrade that has gone wrong etc. If you experience any of these problems we have 14 years experience of recovering data from failed Raid Systems including Dell PowerEdge Servers, HP Proliant, IBM ServerRaid, Qnap NAS etc. Give us a call for free professional advice. We can normally diagnose a Raid system over the phone.

Mechanical & Physical Failure of RAID Servers:

Mechanical failure on a Raid server normally means one or more of the hard drives in the Raid Array has had a mechanical failure such as read write head failure, motor failure or potential disk platter damage. Typical mechanical failure symptoms are clicking, buzzing or beeping noises coming from the hard drive. If you have a mechanical failure the best advice is to give our Raid Data Recovery Experts a call for advice. We have 14 years experience of recovering from all types of Raid servers.

Problems Arising from the Rebuild of a RAID Server:

Raid rebuild failures are a common problem. When a disk goes down on a Raid server in most cases the Raid Server or NAS device will offer you the option of replacing the problem disk with a new disk and performing a rebuild. This after all is what raid redundancy is all about. The problem with this is that if the rebuild does not complete 100% then there will be a corrupted dataset. Rebuilds tend to fail if more than one disk has degraded but the Raid server has not picked up the degraded disk yet. We specialise in rebuild failures and have a 99% success rate in recoding and rebuilding data from rebuilds that have gone wrong.

RAID Server Firmware Problems

Electronic and Firmware failure on a Raid Server is common place. Servers with several hard drives running inside it are always more prone than a one disk system of having an electronic failure to one of the hard drives due to the system load. Electronic failures on Raid servers normally means one or more disks have an electronic failure. In most cases it is down to wear and tear of drives as most servers are on 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Failed firmware upgrades are another problem that IT Administrators have to face on a daily basis. If a Raid System is running slow and if there is a firmware upgrade available do you install the update or not? On a weekly basis we receive Raid Servers in that have had a failed firmware upgrade.

Faulty RAID Controller and Missing RAID partitions:

Raid controllers fail, most of them after 4-5 years. When Raid controllers fail sometimes you can just replace like for like and Raid system will boot up as normal. Sometimes a like for like Raid controller is not available to buy or if you do get an identical raid controller the raid operating system does not boot up. Missing Raid volumes or partitions are commonplace. Operating system boots up fine but the data volume is blank. If you have a faulty raid controller or you have a corrupted volume or partition then contact us today. Our Raid Recovery Experts have 14 years experience and we believe we offer the quickest recovery timescales in London.

Client Testimonials

“ I had lost 4 years uni work on a 500gb WD Passport drive, I panicked a bit as I really needed the data but Advanced Data Recovery recovered all data. Expensive lesson not to have a backup in place but a quality service. ”

Barry Brown, Chelsea London

“ There was 6 months Pictures and Video on my damaged iMac computer. I took it to Apple to get serviced and data recovered but Apple store could not do anything and recommended Advanced Data Recovery. Data recovered within 48 hours and backed up onto data DVD. Thanks for recovering my data. ”

Shelia Houston, Camden London

“ My HP Pavilion business laptop would not boot up. Took it to a local PC shop and they removed hard drive and tried to read it from a HDD Caddy. They could not read it and recommended Advanced Recovery. I dropped it into Covent Garden branch and booked it on a critical recovery service. Disk was diagnosed within 3 hours and data recovered within 24 hours. An expensive service but a full recovery. My vat returns will be made on time for a change! ”

Peter Presley, Islington London

“ We run a graphics production studio in Westminster. Our Synology multi disk raid NAS system became inaccessible on Monday morning. We called Synology support who advised on a system upgrade but made no difference. After several recovery attempts we decided to contact a Data Recovery Company. Advanced diagnosed the fault over the phone. They arranged to collect the system from us. They recovered all of our 10tb of data within 3 days. All data backed up and returned to us. Will use them again but hopefully won't have to! ”

T Ayers, Westminister London

“ Advanced Recovery have a very courteous and efficient team. My Seagate external drive had dropped from a table and would not longer work. Thank you for getting all my data back. It is a pricey operation but the data recovery expertise I suppose comes at a cost. ”

Peter O Brien, Croydon London

“ Our legal department Raid 5 Dell Server went down last weekend. We had a Dell engineer on Monday come out to service Dell Server. He upgrade motherboard and replaced one hard drive. He completed a rebuild on server but could not get server to boot up. We phoned Advanced Data Recovery, they diagnosed that the rebuild only rebuilt 14% and due to that the system would not boot. They advised they could recover all data from server with 3 days including vital Sage Accounts Data that we could not do without. 3 days later we are up and running, thanks for saving our bacon guys! ”

Mark Adams, Enfield London

“ 5 star data recovery service. Thank you for recovering data from my Sandisk 16gb camera memory card. We used two memory cards for a wedding shoot. One of the cards contained just over 400 pictures and would not read on our studio computers are on the camera that took the pictures. Contacted Sandisk support who advised card had a physical failure and would replace card. We needed pictures from card ASAP. Advanced recovered all pictures from card by reading the chips inside card casing. 1st class service. ”

Andy Meyers, Ealing London