Forensic Recovery

Recover Important Data with Forensic Recovery

While the recovery of data from inaccessible drives is usually important because the files and information that have become inaccessible are vital for their use within a business, sometimes the data that needs to be retrieved from a system is in relation to a criminal case and so can be key to providing evidence for an investigation or trial.

Forensic data recovery is often carried out where there is a significant amount of evidence that has either been held, or is currently held on some sort of system that could include anything from phones to cloud storage on the internet. In many cases the files and data will have been intentionally deleted in order to attempt to hide the activity, but due to the nature of current technology it is usually possible to recover at least part of the information that has been stored on the system.

In order to recover data from systems forensically requires a very particular method and set of tools so that the data and files that are recovered from the system are usable by the investigating authorities. In order for the data recovery to be usable it has to be carried out in accordance with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers ) guidelines. By adhering to these guidelines the data and files will provide robust and reliable evidence.

As many forensic data recovery tasks involve a complete recovery of all of the information that is held on a system this can lead to very large amounts of data that need to be sifted in order to identify relevant files to be handed on to the investigators. Therefore tools that can automatically sift through all of the recovered data are used to highlight files of interest.

As there are often a number of systems involved forensic recovery is not just about the basic technical skills that are required to recover data in general, it is also about connecting the data on each system to a particular activity or subject so that a complete picture can be obtained about the involvement of the person, or persons, in question. We are able to carry out the physical data retrieval, but it then takes a team of experts from a number of disciplines to bring all of the different elements together to provide evidence from the recovered data.

Therefore, if you need technical data recovery expertise as part of a forensic recovery task then you should give us a call to find out what we can do for you. We can provide diagnoses of systems and drives so that you will have a good idea about how long it will take to extract the information from each element and also the cost associated with each. If it is high priority then we can also offer a premium service that will have experts working on your job 24 hours a day until the job is complete. Our 14 years of data recovery experience across a wide range of technologies will provide you with the services that you need.