LaCie Data Recovery

Lacie external hard drives are used by a great many people to store important data with them on a day to day basis. With the ever expanding amount of memory and the ever shrinking size of the Lacie external hard drives it is perhaps surprising that there are not much greater numbers of drives that experience problems with data access.

Lacie external hard drives are very popular additional storage units used by many computer users. Lacie is one of the most popular external drives on the market due to its good design looks and its good name. Very often these are used as business back-up storage drives, which can make it even more frustrating when a drive becomes inoperable for some reason. LaCie drives come in a large range of sizes and frequently offer TB levels of data storage, so if a drive fails there can be huge amounts of data, photos, databases, videos and so on, that can be lost if the Lacie drive is not treated in the right way in order to recover the data.

There are lots of different reasons why a drive can fail or become inaccessible. External hard drives have fewer restrictions on them in terms of the ability to format them, delete files from them etc. that can lead to accidental deletion of files and data. This could potentially represent a serious loss of either business data or personal data, both of which have different types of costs, but both are significant if you are the one who owns the drive. External drives are also much more susceptible to physical damage than internal drives because they are often transported to carry information to a different location and are therefore are exposed to the usual travel elements that can include vibrations, impacts and environmental factors such as rain, ice and strong sunshine. Lacie Rugged portable disks we receive in for recovery have a high percentage of mechanical failure due to the nature of the way they are used (being carried about from location to location due to their small size). On the other hand Lacie Big Disk is a multi raid system usually used in an office environment for storing business data. Lacie Big Disk systems normally suffer from Raid controller failure or raid software corruption. In all the above cases we have 14 years experience in recovering from all the different types of Lacie hard drive systems.

Even if you feel confident in your own IT skills it is relatively easy to corrupt data further or to make it unrecoverable if you attempt to carry out a process that does not directly address the issue that the hard drive has. Therefore you should consider calling one of our LaCie data recovery experts in order to get a professional opinion on the problem that you are having with your hard drive. Our advice is free, so you will not lose anything, but you may well gain information that means you keep all of your data rather than causing further corruption. We will not only provide you with a diagnosis, but also with a quote of the costs and timescales that it will take our professionals to carry out the job. We have 14 years of experience in recovering data and can easily deal with any LaCie drive from the Quadra to the Skwarim.