Case Study 1: Iomega 2TB NAS Drive

Iomega 2TB NAS Drive stopped working without any prior warning. Client removed the HDD from the Iomega NAS casing and connect the hard disk directly to my PC. HDD was now connected to PC and was spinning healthily, but HDD was only intermittently visible in CMOS at boot – at times the HDD was visible and at other times it was not visible in CMOS. HDD was only intermittently visible in Windows Device Manager. Client had a mixture of movies, music and photos stored on the Iomega NAS Drive.

We received in the Iomega drive and quickly diagnosed that the Iomega system was two disk raid 0 system. One of the disks in the raid 0 configuration had electronic and HDD Firmware issues. We upgraded the Iomega electronics on HDD and flashed new firmware to hard disk. We then was able to image all sectors on HDD and backed up data to another external HDD.

* We work with all NAS External Hard Drive Systems including Iomega, Lacie, Buffalo, Synology, Seagate, WD etc.