Case Study 2: Lacie 2big Network Raid 1 System

Lacie 2big network set to Raid 1. A Raid 1 system means there is two disks inside the Lacie casing that had an identical copy of the data on each disk. Photoshop crashed one day while using the Lacie 2big system and the client could not access most of the files on the Lacie system. Something happened during the crash, some files have moved location, other folders have been renamed, most folders are invisible and the speed of the system is very very slow. When client tried to copy data to Lacie 2big system it took 10 minutes to copy a 10mb graphics file. Client tried different disk utilities to try and repair the file structure on the NAS system but no go.

Disks have degraded on Lacie 2Big external drive system. We removed 2 disks and diagnosed each disk. The two disks had millions of bad sectors, and one of the disks had an out of date dataset so could not be used for the recovery process. We imaged the disk that had an up-to-date dataset on a hardware imaging system we have for force reading bad sectors and produced a 100% image of hard drive. We then processed the raid 1 system and backed up data to a Seagate portable hard drive.

* We specialise in recovering data from Raid based systems.