Case Study 3: MacBook only booting up to question mark symbol

Client had a 3 year old Macbook Pro running the Snow Leopard operating system. When they booted up the Macbook they received a flashing folder with a question mark on a grey screen. Client took Macbook to Mac Store to get them to look at Macbook but they could not recover the data. The Mac Store recommended ourselves to recover the data.

A flashing question mark on an iMac, Macbook, Mac Air means the operating system software cannot be read correctly. If running startup disk or taking it to Mac Store does not resolve the problem then it normally means the hard disk has a software/electronic or mechanical fault. We diagnosed the Macbook disk and confirmed the hard disk had a faulty read write head assembly. It turns out the Laptop was dropped. We upgraded the motor on hard disk and imaged all sectors on disk. We backed up data on 5 data dvd’s for client.

* We offer that good a service that Apple stores across the UK recommend us to their clients!