Case Study 3: QNAP Server – Failed Firmware Upgrade

Client was running a Qnap server that crashed after doing a firmware update that was recommended by Qnap! Firmware seemed to install without any problems but when client tried to boot the Qnap server the system would not boot up and kept switching itself off. Client tried to repower on the Qnap Server several times but nothing worked. Client removed drives from system and put them into an identical Qnap system they purchased, system would not boot up.

We received in Qnap system and diagnosed that the 1st disk had a lot of sector problems on it. This would explain the firmware update failure. We forced read the sectors on the 1st disk on an imaging system and imaged all other hard drives. We then processed the 8TB of data from system for a full recovery.

* We are specialists in recovering data from Qnap servers even if a rebuild has been run!