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Recover Your Back Up Files With External Hard Drive Recovery

I got a Buffalo HD 1TB MiniStation drive to use for my college coursework and the first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t actually 1TB. I sent it back and had it replaced and all seemed well. Then out of the blue it has started to do silly things like not save when it supposed to or make duplicate copies of files without me requesting it to do so. I know I haven’t been making duplicate copies so I wondered what was going on. That was ok I could live with that because I could go through and search for duplicates but now it won’t save at all. I moved it from my laptop to my dad’s computer (running Windows 7) so I could copy some files from there but when I connected it with the USB port it flashed up saying there was an input output error and the disc could not be read. I unplugged it and plugged it back in again for the same thing to happen. Now whatever machine I attach it to the same thing happens and I have no access to my coursework. I’ve consulted Buffalo who have told me it is a rare instance that this occurs but they won’t guarantee the safety of my data so I am in need of someone who can help me safely retrieve the info before the drive stops working completely.

I’ve got a Synology DS213 Diskstation with 8TB in it. That’s two 4TB drives and one of them is playing up. It seems to be when I try to move large files from one place to another and of late when I try this I get a dialog box saying that the files are corrupt. I know they’re not – or at least shouldn’t be – because when I copied them to the drives in the first place I checked their integrity and virus checked them. I’ve been trying to move the files in small sizes and quantities but now the same thing is happening with every file and I am spending my time clicking off the error messages. When I switched the computer on this morning and tried to access the Diskstation I got a blue screen with a whole heap of codes etc that I don’t understand. Basically I can’t access anything now and its spread from one disc to the other because it would start if only one drive was working. So I now have two discs that aren’t working and GBs of information to get at. I’d really really appreciate some advice and help.

Recover Your Back Up Files With External Hard Drive Recovery

External hard drives are the option that many people use in order to back up important files and data. If for some reason your external hard drive fails though you could find that you can no longer access important files, which could be a serious problem. This is where our expert external drive data recovery services can help you out as we have a large amount of experience of recovering data from many different makes and models of external drive, from Seagate to WD, to Toshiba to Lacie that are either a traditional hard drive make, or that are part of a RAID system.

External hard drives are susceptible to the same types of errors, faults and corruptions that can afflict internal hard drives, but due to their external nature there are also a few more that can affect them as well. It is perhaps a simpler task to accidentally format an external hard drive or to accidentally delete files from it because data transfer to and from it is likely to be relatively high. If an external hard drive is used on multiple systems it can also be more vulnerable to picking up a virus as it only takes one of a number of computers to not have the latest anti-virus software update to allow infection.

External hard drives are also more susceptible to physical damage. Many external hard drives are now very small in size (portable hard drives) and are highly portable, whilst at the same time having an ever increasing capacity, which makes them ideal for carrying around as a general data transfer and back up device. This portable drives are very popular with students, photographers, architects etc. This also means that they are at a higher risk of being dropped or exposed to conditions that could cause them to either become damaged or otherwise corrupted. It is also possible that due to high levels of use that the drives could become degraded over time, which may lead to data either becoming inaccessible or perhaps failing to write completely.

One of our recovery experts can normally diagnosis the type of failure or corruption over the phone should problems be encountered with your external disk drive. This is especially true if the problem has been caused by unplanned formatting , deleting of the files, electronic failure and physical failure. By providing the disk make and model and a description of the problem our data recovery specialists will, in most cases, be able to provide you with a quote to recover your data and also the timescale options that are available.

The pricing that we have is highly competitive but the service that you will get will be of the highest quality. There are three different service levels to choose from depending on your budget for the recovery and also how quickly you require access to your data. These range from the standard service, where jobs are queued in order of priority and so can take from 4-6 days to carry out the recovery, to the premium recovery service where your drive will be worked on 24 hours a day until the data has been recovered using all 14 of our years of data recovery experience.