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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


The Vaio steadfastly refuses to do anything. I need to get some information off the laptop as I have very important data on the laptop hard drive and I don’t have a backup of the data. This means that I need to recover the data on the Sony laptop.


I have a Sony Vaio Laptop which is having problems. Since last week, each time it boots just before BIOS is launched I get a blank screen. I don’t know why this is happening as the laptop has not been dropped or anything, but I still cannot get into my OS. I have data stored on there from the last couple of years.

Sony Laptop Data Recovery

Sony laptops are very popular, particularly as there are some very lightweight and small laptops on offer, particularly the Sony Vaio. Although laptops are purposefully designed to provide portable computing, they are not designed to be bumped around, or exposed to extreme environments, and so therefore they are prone to some types of failure due to the way they are treated. Impacts and spilt liquids are some of the most common causes of failure. The exact impact on the laptop will vary and so if this type of failure occurs you should call one of our experts immediately. Advice given over the phone is free and it could make the difference between you causing permanent corruption of your files and recovering all of them. Our experts have a huge amount of experience in dealing with Sony laptops and so will be able to provide a diagnosis over the phone in most cases. This will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how you will then proceed with your data recovery. There is a major difference between having a damaged link to the laptop screen and complete physical failure of the hard drive and yet sometimes it is not obvious what the differences may be between these two conditions to the average user, but the consequences of carrying out the wrong actions can be just as bad in both.

Some of the most common problems encountered are accidental file deletions. These are one of the operator error type of issues, and they can potentially be very simple to fix. However, if there are errors introduced into the operating system through the deletion of files, it is possible to greatly complicate the retrieval of files as the operating system may not be operating correctly, and may not even be able to find the drive where the data is stored. For this reason it is usually good practice to install the operating system and all of the key files in a partition of the hard drive.

Viruses are also a common problem seen in Sony laptops that can have a whole range of effects that can be as mundane as inserting website cookies onto your machine, or they can be very vicious and they can corrupt all of your files, and even hijack the accounts that you use on your computer. You can minimise the possibility of this type of corruption occurring by ensuring that you have the latest anti-virus software installed on your system.

You should also carefully consider the type of file structure that you use on your laptop. There are generally a lot more options available for the recovery of a NTFS or FATS file system than for alternative file systems, such as Ext. Knowing the details about your computer will give you a good starting point should you ever have to attempt data recovery, and it will also give an expert a much greater chance of being able to help you over the phone rather than having to send your laptop away for diagnosis.