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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I bought a Sony Vaio laptop which has Windows 8 installed on it. I have been using the laptop for the last 7 months without any problems but now I cannot get the laptop to boot into windows. When I attempt to boot into windows it just hangs and then completely freezes the laptop. I need to plug out power cable and battery and then reinsert battery and power cable to reboot but goes to same boot screen and then hangs and completely freezes again. I am a Dentist and I have customer dental xrays on the laptop that we need.


I have a Sony Vaio SB1V9E laptop which is currently sending out odd clicking noises. When the laptop is making this noise, it happens about every 20 seconds when I am using the battery, and about 10 second intervals when I use the AC. It never does it in Bios or Linux. I am concerned that all my data is gone as I cannot boot into windows to save the data.