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I need some assistance with a Dell PowerEdge 2600 which has 3 hard drives in an array on the server. I had set up the hard drives and created a RAID 0 with the individual drive also using RAID. I have used this system for some time, but now one of the drives has fallen out of the RAID 0, and I have not been able to recover it. Each time I get close to the end of the recovery process, about 80%, the computer says that the server has failed or is not working, and both computer and server just shut down. I wanted to recover the data from the RAID 0 system, as it is vitally important to my work. I need help with this so that I can recover the documents, including work files and folders that belong to my company.


I have been using a Dell PowerEdge 2500 server in a Raid 0 array. . I have had this set up for some time, This RAID configuration has worked effectively, and I have stored quite a lot of data on the two drives which are in the array. I have been told that RAID 0 would be the most effective use of the array, and so I chose to keep my data in this way. I am now having a problem where the server won’t boot, and is showing a report which says that the RAID controller in the array has failed. There is also no BIOS because the server won’t boot up. The most important part of the problem is clearly that I have data on the server that I need to extract. I don’t particularly care about the hard drives or the array, but I do have to have this data.