Apple Mac Recovery


I have an Apple Mac computer which is used for work. This computer contains all of the details of the business, including dealings with clients, and other files which are really essential to the company. This information is usually backed up onto a Raid Array Server each night using the Deja-Vu backup system, but I discovered a problem when I tried to copy one of the files to a USB flash drive. When I opened up the file in order to view it before moving, I saw that the file was corrupt. I opened one after another, and they are either corrupt, or crash immediately. I need to be able to extract these large files, because they need to be used on other computers rather than the Mac, and I also want to be able to view them when I am talking to clients. There doesn’t seem to be any damage to the drive, or to the system as such, but all of the files are corrupt. I took the Mac to a local computer shop who could not recover the data for me. I then booked in an appointment at local Apple Mac store but they said the hard disk had failed and that I would need it replaced.


I am using an Apple Mac computer, but it is running very slowly and preventing me from opening or transferring files. The slow running of the computer means that when I try to copy a file onto a backup drive, the process times out before I can manage to get the data transferred across. There are a lot of files on the system which I am not willing to lose including word and excel files that are vital to my small business.. The problem remains that I am not able to open up any of the files, or copy them so that they can be transferred to external hard drives, and this means that I think none of the files are safe and have possibly been corrupted by a virus.