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PC Hard Disk Drive Problem Diagnosis:

PC hard drives from all the leading PC manufacturers fail. Most of the hard drives inside PC today or 3.5″ and 1.8″ SATA, SSD drives. In the past the drives would have had standard IDE connections. The large manufactures for PC these days are Compaq, Dell, HP, Gateway, Lenovo, Packard Bell. There are signs your PC may be experience software type problems such as blue screen, won’t let you log on, will not get past the boot up screen etc. Mechanical problems are indicated by clicking, buzzing or beeping noises from PC indicating a problem with the hard drive. We are London’s best PC Data Recovery Company. Below is a list of common PC faults we receive in for recovery:

PC Hard Drive Failure – Diagnosing the Problem:

Mechanical failures is usually indicated on a PC by clicking, buzzing or beeping noises. Buzzing or beeping noises is normally an indication that there is a problem with the motor inside the hard drive casing. The motor spins the disk platters. If the platters are not spinning correctly then the data cannot be read from them and thus you will get buzzing or beeping noises. The other common mechanical damage is clicking noises coming from a PC. This indicates there is a problem with the read/write heads that read the sectors on the disk platters. Our PC engineers have 14 years experience in recovering data from mechanically damaged PC’s.

PC Hard Drive Circuitry Malfunction & Failure:

Electronic failure on a PC is normally the result of a PC either having the wrong power supply connected to the PC or that it has received a power spike from the power socket that it was plugged into. When a hard drive has an electronic failure it normally means the PCB on the back on the hard drive has blown some chips on the board. We have over 15,000 Electronic PCB’s in stock exclusive for our clients.

PC Hard Drive Firmware Degradation & Installation:

PC firmware is software that resides on the hard drive disk platters or electronic board (PCB). When firmware code gets corrupted on your hard drive the PC will not work correctly. We have built up a large HDD firmware database to fix this type of problem. If you have a firmware problem contact London’s No1 Data Recovery Company.

PC Hard Disk Drive Issues Directly Relating to your Operating System:

When a PC runs slowly and starts to freeze this is the most common PC fault. When this happens it normally means the hard drive is degrading. In most cases it means there are a lot of bad sectors on the hard drive and as a result of this the PC cannot read the contents on the hard drive’s disk platters and thus freezes the system. We have 14 years experience of recovering data from this type of problem. We have the best hardware imaging equipment to image the bad sectors from the damaged hard drives.

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