External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Mechanical Fault £299

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Critical Service £795

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery Barking, London

External Hard Drive Failure:

External hard drives operate as their internal counterparts but with the additional benefit of being portable. With this new found movement however comes additional problems, among them the damage that can be caused to the moving components if the external hard drive is moved with too much force. We recommend not moving the external hard drive while it is in use; power down and wait for the drive to settle before adjusting its position. The hardware inside an external hard drive is as complex as an internal hard drive and can be damaged just as easily so every care should be taken to ensure its proper operation.

Mechanical Failures and External Hard Drives:

As we have already touched upon the additional movement of an external hard drive can lead to hardware faults occurring and the potential loss of data. As we have also detailed above we recommend against moving the drive whilst in use. One of the many reasons for a fault occurring we are faced with when asked to recover data from an external drive, is that it has been knocked over or off a desk by a passer by. This sudden impact is enough to misdirect the actuator arm that passes the Read/Write head over the platters. It is worth noting that this actuator arm, whilst sounding like a large piece of hardware, is only a portion of the width of a human hair, therefore any major impact can be fatal.

Electronic Failures with your External Hard Drive:

On every hard drive there is an amount of printed circuitry that carries information from the connections (jumpers etc) to the components within the drive. These tell it to spin at a specific speed. This is called a printed circuit board and also contained on this board is the disk’s operating system called Firmware. A problem with this board can result in the loss of storage and access to the drive itself. If you find that you cannot access your drive then you might well have experienced a problem caused by faulty printed circuitry and we here at Advanced Data Recovery London are well versed in such problems and can help you recover your data.

Firmware Issues with your External Hard Drive:

Firmware is the equivalent of your computer’s operating system and is designed specifically by each drive’s manufacturer to allow their hardware to function correctly with the devices and components to which it is attached. Although generally this works well, occasions do arise when the firmware malfunctions because of corruption caused by issues with the onboard PCB. Or because of a sudden power surge that has damaged the chip on which the firmware is located. Drives of a certain age may have the firmware installed to an onboard memory chip that can because damaged if too much electricity is sent through it. To this end when the firmware on a hard drive (internal or otherwise) is damaged, its loss can leave the drive incapable of reading or writing. We at Advanced Data Recovery London are often asked by our clients to help recover data from external hard drives that have suffered the loss of their firmware program.

Poor Performance Issues with your External Hard Drive:

Almost daily we here at Advanced Data Recovery London are presented with external hard drives that have failed shortly after they stopped operating at their best. One of the first symptoms of a failing drive is that the drive takes longer than normal to send and receive information. Many users see this slowing down of a drive to mean that it requires some kind of intervention from a disk management program. A slower than normal external HDD should be powered down and disconnected from your computer especially if this slowing down results in your computer freezing rebooting itself. Contact us at Advanced Data Recovery London and we can advise you on what steps we can take to ensure the safe recovery of your data.

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