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Hard Drive Failure

I’ve got a Buffalo JustStore 500GB external disk drive that I have been using for a few months now. Everything was great in the beginning but over time I started to get warnings and the BSOD telling me there were bad sectors on the disk. I tried doing a back up to my main drive so I could use another external drive but half way through the process the drive stopped functioning and I received a message telling me the drive was unreadable. I got in touch with Buffalo and explained the problem and they told me I could return the drive if it had not been taken out of its original packaging. How could I do that? I wouldn’t have known there was a problem with the disk until I’d used it!!!! Anyway I got about 30GB of the way through the transfer of information when it stopped and when I checked my hard drive the files were there but not readable. So I went back to the Buffalo and found the same had happened with the files on there. A friend suggested I’d gotten a virus that rendered the files unreadable so I ran various virus checks – even paying money for new software – but it is showing no viruses. I’m inclined to think the drive is screwed and need help to retrieve what I can.

I’ve been using my Western Digital Elements 2TB USB 3.0 drive to watch movies through my television and it has been working great. The drive has only been attached to a computer long enough to pass the movies across so that I could use the USB function on the television to watch them. This was great until last night when I tried copying a movie I had converted from VHS so that I could let the kids see it. When I copied the drive it seemed really slow and took almost two hours to copy it. It was a straight copy there was no converting involved and the process should have only took a matter of minutes because it was less than 1GB. I took the drive back from the tv to the computer and now it won’t appear on Windows 8. I can’t understand why because it did previously. All of my previous Western Digital drives did but not this one. I’ve got a myriad of movies that I have either paid to download or have converted from old and worn sources and now I face the possibility of losing them. Would you be able to help me save these memories of my childhood?