Phone or Email us for Expert Advice

If your storage device has suffered a failure and you need our help email or call to speak to one of our professional Data Recovery experts. The advice we offer is free and we can give you an explanation as to why your device has failed in 99.9% of cases. In doing so this enables you, the client, to know what has caused the problem, how we can recover your data and how much the overall process will cost from start to finish.

Diagnosing is Free with No Obligation

We diagnose all storage device problems for free and always have done so. We will examine the device to determine what we told you initially was correct, and contact you with a definitive diagnosis within 24 hours. While other Data Recovery companies charge a fee for diagnosing the fault (even before attempting recovery) we have never done so meaning you can be sure that there are no up-front or hidden costs when it comes to retrieving your data. Unless the result of an exceptional circumstance we diagnose the device’s problem within 24 hours.

What Happens When You Receive My Storage Device?

Once the problem has been diagnosed we will contact you with the details and ask if you what you would like us to proceed. We will provide you with accurate costings so you know exactly how much the recovery is going to cost (including return by courier). We will also give you a timescale for completion of the work which is usually 2-3 working days. If you are happy with this our recovery experts will start the process as soon as is possible and the data will be extracted onto one of our many recovery servers. Upon recover of your data we will send you an email confirming what we have done and giving you a complete list of all the data we have managed to recover.

Sending the Recovered Data Back to You

When you are happy that we have recovered the data to your satisfaction you can make payment via credit or debit card or via bank transfer. Once we have received payment we will make a physical copy of your data onto whichever format you would like and send it back to you by next day courier service; the cost of which is already included in the price you paid.

Why Choose Advanced Data Recovery?