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Common RAID Server Issues:

A RAID server can continue to operate if one or two of its drives fail at any given time. To this end the other drives in the array continue to make mirror images of the data as usual. However should it be the case that more than two drives fail then the RAID array will become unable to store or read any data. Firmware problems on drives in the array are also among the reasons for failure as some RAID users attempt to use a variety of different drives within an array in a bid to save money or simply reuse older drives. Where possible all the drives in a RAID server should be installed at the same time.

Mechanical Failures Affecting RAID Drives:

The mechanics of a RAID server are intricate and many in number. Common problems within a RAID server are platter failures, actuator arm breakages, Read/Write head failures and PCB damage; just as might be experienced in an ordinary PC. If you are experiencing hardware failure that is bringing your RAID device to a stand-still and therefore reducing productivity in the workplace, contact us at Advanced Data Recovery London where we can offer advice and guidance on how to repair the problem as well as how to ensure the best possible recovery of your data.

Rebuild Issues with RAID Drives:

One of the most common requests we find ourselves answering here at Advanced Data Recovery London is that of why a RAID rebuild has failed. We have answered the call for help from many professionals who have followed the instructions precisely and have indeed carried out successful rebuilds previously, only to find that the latest one is proving troublesome. RAID 5 rebuilds are a common troublemaker because all that is required is one substandard component in the mix. The same applies with a so-called ‘Hot Swap’ which is usually attempted whilst the array is still running. Although many of the newer RAID devices offer this as a standard, problems can still arise especially if the drive has been used elsewhere and has as yet undetermined errors.

RAID Firmware Issues:

As sometimes the hard drives in a RAID array come from a number of sources, problems can occur if there are issues with the individual firmware on each drive. As with an ordinary desktop PC problems relating to the firmware can make accessing a hard drive within the array an impossible task. The firmware may have degraded if there has been an excessive number of reinstalls carried out. We at Advanced Data Recovery London are on hand to help where we can with the recovery of data from RAID drives that are no longer responsive due to firmware failure.

Problems with RAID controllers and RAID Partitions:

RAID controller cards are often found in external PCs that control the array and allow access to it from other computers on the network. A failing controller card is identified when one or more members of a network cannot access or save files on the array through the controlling computer. The controller card may be malfunctioning and as such may not allow for the correct routing to the drives in the array that share out the data to produce a mirror image across all of the drives.

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