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I have a problem with a RAID array which appears to have lost data. I had set up the computer as usual, and started up the Windows boot, when I accidentally caught the array’s power cord. I didn’t move too much, but the cord fell out and the server stopped working. The computer froze, and I turned off the system, hoping to be able to recover the server. I replaced all of the cables, and then tried to reboot the computer. I received a message saying that the operating system would not boot up. I have tried several times, and each time the computer won’t boot into Windows. I went into the BIOS area, and saw that, on the server, only one of the RAID drives was available. BIOS wanted me to delete the array, which I don’t want to do because I am worried about the loss of data on the drive.


I need some help with the RAID array on an HP ProLiant server which appears to have lost the RAID data. I am using three Seagate Barracuda drives in the server, but I am not quite sure what the RAID configuration might be. These drives are supposed to be working as a backup to the main storage system, but I have recently lost the drive which was dedicated to my operating system. I went to get the data from the array, and found that another drive on the server has failed, I don’t know when. The other drives in a RAID 0 setup were configured through the failed drive, and I think that this will mean that the data on the RAID drives has been lost. I need to recover that data, as it is essential to the business and it can’t be lost.