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I have been using a Windows 7 Ultimate OS on a PC. At the beginning, I was using it on an old computer, just as a standby, but recently I have been doing more work with the computer, including saving a lot of data to the hard drive. This drive has now failed. It started failing when I tried to write information on to the hard drive, but when I tried to recover the information by installing the drive into a new Toshiba computer, the operating system would not work. I have put in the Windows 7 disks, and the computer can see the drive with the data on it, but there is some problem with the disk size, and the computer can’t seem to recover the available space. BIOS also cannot work out the disk size.


I have a Windows 7 professional computer which has suddenly crashed. It was working perfectly normally until about a month ago, when it suddenly failed completely. I lost all the data, and had to have everything installed from new, including paying for software for the second time. The reason that I need help now is that I have now had the hard drive from the initial crash returned to me. I had assumed that the company would do some recovery work, but they haven’t, so the hard drive is almost untouched. As I said, I lost everything in this crash, and that includes a lot of data that I had saved directly to the computer. I now have data on two drives, and want to recover the lost information from the first hard drive, but without damaging the drive which is now in the computer. Is it possible to recover lost data from a completely failed hard drive?