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Leave PC Recovery to the Experts


I need some help with a Windows 2000 desktop computer. There have been minor problems for some time, including the tendency of the system to restart itself without warning. It has previously told me that it can’t find the OS, only to locate it when I have booted up again. I bought a new hard drive, and installed all of the data from my old drive onto this one. The old hard drive has been mislaid. However, the computer is now insisting that it can’t find the operating system, and won’t locate it again even after several reboots. This means that the data which was passed onto the new drive is not accessible to me. I wanted to find the old drive, but I really haven’t been able to, and so I need to get the data extracted from inside the computer, if possible.


I have an old computer using a Windows 2000 Pro OS, which is being very difficult. It has been running slow for a time, and I was considering taking off the hard drive and just recovering the data already, when the computer stopped working. It is now only delivering a single screen, which says ‘Windows\system32\ntoskml.exe’, and a report that the file named is corrupted. I tried to force a restart, but it won’t go any further into the Windows OS than this screen. I have copies of the Windows 2000 CD, and so tried a recovery, but the computer asked instead for a repair disk and not the one that I had to hand. I think the next solution would be to reinstall Windows ME over the top, but I want to get the data out of the hard drive before I format it. Some of this data is relevant to my work, and I don’t want to lose it if I can help it.

Leave PC Recovery to the Experts

There is nothing worse than suddenly finding that you no longer have access to the data that you have stored on your PC. There are lots of reasons why this may happen, with some being significantly easier to rectify than others.

It doesn’t take much to accidentally delete data or files that you actually need to keep. A mistake during a back-up of your data, in which you think you’ve backed something up but instead you delete it before you’ve actually done it, may lead you to feel that it has gone forever because you can’t find it on the system. You might wish to utilise recovery software yourself in order to attempt to retrieve your data, which could yield success, however you would be better advised to give one of our PC recovery specialists a call first in order to get a diagnosis and advice on your best course of action.

A phone call to one of our data recovery specialists won’t cost you anything, but trying to recover data using the wrong technique or software that isn’t quite right for your task could lead to you losing the data altogether.

Of course accidental deletion of files or formatting of a disk are not the only ways in which it is possible to lose access to data. Other occurrences that may lead to you not being able to get to your data on your PC could involve either a software or hardware crash that causes damage, perhaps to the operating system or to the physical hard drive, that then means that it may not be possible to access important data that may be on the disk. If there is software damage, it may be possible to recovery the system by repairing the software, but this is best carried out after consultation with a specialist.

If the reason that your data becomes inaccessible is because there has been some sort of physical damage to the PC then it is likely that you will require a professional service to recover your PC for you. This physical damage may come from an impact, such a dropping the PC or something hitting the PC, a large electrical surge, or perhaps exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

If you are not sure what to do at any stage then call our professional PC recovery service. Our specialists do not charge for advice and are usually able to give a diagnosis over the phone along with an idea of how much it would cost and how much time it would take for us to carry out the recovery.

If you choose to use our service then you will be entrusting your data recovery to people who have over 14 years of experience in the business and who have a 99% success rate. We can recover data from any brand of PC and we also have experience of many different types of file system so we will be able to use specialist software and tools in order to optimise the data recovery process.