Qnap & Lacie Raid Recovery


We have a QNAP server with a 8-disk array in a RAID 5 configuration. We are having a lot of problems with the system not working as I wanted it to, beginning when the NAS reported that one of the drives was offline. I rebooted the server, and the drive came back online, but only for a minute or so. I rebooted again, and suddenly had a ton of error messages. The array failed completely, and I got a message from the NAS saying that it had only been online for 5-6 milliseconds. In desperation, I rebooted again, and most of the array can now be seen by BIOS, but the first drive is not available. I tried to do a rebuild with a spare drive, but the rebuild failed. Since I am unable to do the rebuild, I want to recover the data from the Qnap RAID 5 array, and instead store it on my desktop while I recreate the array. The data is the most important element which has to be rescued.


We have a Lacie Raid 5 system, with 6 disks serving in this configuration. The computer has been reporting that one of the drives is not working, and that there are bad sectors on the disk. It also thinks that there is something wrong with the head of the same disk. My friend had tried to solve the problem by removing the failed drive and trying a rebuild, but this has not worked, and the array cannot be rebuilt using the remaining 5 disks. The most important issue for us is that there is some data on the drives which needs to be extracted before the array can be dismantled and destroyed.