Samsung Laptop Recovery


I have a Samsung NC10 14GW which is not showing any display on the monitor. I put on the laptop, and I can hear it beeping as it comes on, and see the lights starting. Everything seems to be working, I just can’t see anything at all on the laptop. If I shine a light directly at the monitor, I can see a bit of the desktop, but not enough to work with. I can’t see what I am doing, and so I can’t open any of the files or extract any data. This is a problem for me because I use this laptop mainly as a work hard drive, and there is a lot of information on the files in the laptop which are not available anywhere else.


I have a Samsung NC10 laptop which I have been using for college work. I had been using it, and left the laptop saving some files while I went to get lunch. When I came back into the room, I found that it had gone to sleep while I was away. I tried to reactivate it, but when I put it back on, the power light came on, but there was a very funny noise from the hard drive, and the system will not go into OS. I tried to do a hard reset, because I could think of nothing else, but not even that has worked. I am most concerned about the hard drive, since I have a lot of college essays, lesson plans and other information saved on the drive which I would not be able to obtain again. This is particularly true of the essays, where I only have one copy available. These files are worth a significant amount towards my course passing grade, and so I need to be able to recover them.