Case Study 2: Buffalo Linkstation NAS System

Client uses the Buffalo Linkstation NAS System to save all his business data onto. There is essiential data on the drive for business accounts that they need for a VAT return. Client is receiving error message that the Buffalo Linkstation needs to be formatted. By mistake the drive was formatted by one of the clients staff. The client perfomred a RAW recovery of the Buffalo Linkstation using data recovery software but it only recovered bits and pieces and the data was no good to him as he needs the Quickbooks data extracted as it was on the Buffalo Linkstation.

Buffalo Linkstation was setup in a Raid 0 configuration with 4 x 1TB Seagate Hard Drives. All hard drives were imaged and disks were put back in their box. Our engineers worked with the file system to rebuild the reformatted data. We reconstructed the data and extracted a full raid set of data from the system. We completed this job in 3 days and was completed under our no fix no fee policy.

* We are London’s No1 Data Recovery Company that recovers Buffalo Linkstation Systems.