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Camera Data Recovery


I have a 16GB Sandisk memory card, which I have been using for about 6 months. It has rarely been used during that time, but I am having a problem in downloading files onto my Windows 7 computer. At the beginning, I had a Macbook Pro, and the pictures would download onto there with no problem. However, when I bought a Windows 7 computer, I moved all of my photo processing software onto that system. I plug the card into a card reader, and try to access the files by going into Disk Management, but the Windows 7 system will try to connect to the drive with the message ‘connecting to disk service’, and then that notice remains until I turn off the computer or remove the card from the reader. Once the card has been removed, I can then open up Disk Manager as usual. The problem is that I have a number of photographs on here that I want to download, and this inability to access the system folder means that I am not able to download those files, or see them in the computer. I need that data.


I have a 4GB memory card which I use in a digital camera. I have taken a number of important photographs and saved them to the card, mostly work-related items which are essential to my job. I have had no problem with the card for a while, but recently, it failed and the computer will not see it. The computer is reporting that the card has an error, but I can still view the pictures on the camera archives. I plug the card into a card reader, however, and I get a report from the computer which says that the drive in port J (the card), has a number of bad sectors. I am not able to open up the card, or see the pictures in any form except on the camera. As I can still see those pictures, I know that they are still on the card, and I am able to see them fine. However, the problem is that I am not able to download them to my work laptop. Without these pictures, my reports are worthless, and so I have get the data extracted from the card.