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Buffalo Data Recovery


I am having a problem with my external hard drive, which is a Buffalo Drivestation. It was working ok, and then suddenly dropped out of sight, with only the icon visible in My Computer. What happens exactly is that the hard drive is being read, for about a minute, and then stops dead. The light on the front of the box is still showing, but it stops flickering and just becomes a constant blue light. When I try to restart the search by clicking on the icon in My Computer, Windows puts up an error, and tells me that “Linux Cannot Mount Disk”. I immediately changed the power cables and the USB connection, but there was nothing to be seen. I searched for my partitions using recovery software, and found them, with the files apparently intact but when I paid for the recovery software the files were all corrupt. The drive is still unavailable/unrecognised according to Windows. What is the best way to recover my drive?


Hello, I am having a little problem with a Buffalo hard drive. What happened was that I took out the USB cable between the PC and the drive while it was working on something. Although everything seemed fine for the rest of the day, when I tried to connect my drive to the compute the next day, I was unable to see my first partition. I opened up Drive Management, and tried to find it in there, but was not able to open the icon displayed. There was also an error message (I/O error) when I put on Ubuntu in an attempt to recover my data. I have had this happen before, and using Ubuntu seemed to do the trick. I also have tried to run CHKDSK, but that was unsuccessful. While the other partition is okay, it is running very slowly, and I need to use the information which is located on these disks. I just want to recover my disks and my drive in order to access the folders there.