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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I am using a D-Link ShareCenter Pro, which has developed a problem with one of the drives. I have been saving some information on the drive for the past few weeks, and have not had a problem until the last time I tried to copy something. It then told me that the hard drive was degraded, and had to be replaced. I didn’t think that there was too much the matter with the drive, after all I had just been reading files saved onto it, so I removed it, tested it using another drive bay, and it worked fine. No problems at all. I scanned it with a recovery program, and it reported that there were a few bad sectors, not enough to close down the whole system, I thought. I replaced the drive in the D-Link, and rebooted it. It froze up as soon as it came online, and the same message about degrading of the drive occurred.


I have been having trouble with a hard drive installed in a D-Link DNS 323 which is functioning as a NAS for my network. I have a pair of drives installed in the system, but one seems to be failing. It is either the drive, or the D-Link itself. I have lost some files, while the D-Link is backing up. I have a number of movie files on the drive, and a few other archived folders. I am having trouble playing back the movie too. I was on a network computer which is operating the same router, and could not see some of the files. I tried to open up the D-Link while I was on this computer, at which point the device shut down and then rebooted. I was no longer able to see the drive which was causing me the problem. I now cannot see the drive at all, ever, and there seems to be a serious problem with the data which is saved on the other drive.