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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have used Minimax drivers for a while now, preferring to use them rather than the hard drive inside my iMac. The other drivers have worked well, but I am having problem with the Iomega Minimax firewire. This drive has always had a very noisy sound, so that I would put it at the far end of the desktop when I was working. This was not a serious problem though, and eventually other problems started to creep in. Firstly, the drive would occasionally shut down while I was using it. The biggest difficulty was turning the machine on again after it had been turned off. If it was left on overnight there was no problem, but if I closed it down, it would struggle to start up again the following day. I have taken the enclosure apart, and discovered that drives which I know to be good otherwise are being slowed down in the same way when I put them into the enclosure. This suggests that there is a problem with that, and not with the disks themselves. However, I still need to recover the information on the Iomega disk drives.


I bought an Iomega Prestige external hard drive to use as a backup for my computer. However, since I made the purchase, several things have gone wrong. Not long after I installed it onto my computer, it started to make a strange noise. This loud banging noise stopped after a few hours, so I thought that perhaps it was just warming up for the first use. However, now, the drive has lost all of the files which I saved onto it. Only the actual content of the files is gone, so all the folders I created, and the settings I selected when making the saves, have all remained exactly as I have left them. I tried to find them in a trash folder, but could not locate them, and am unsure whether they have been completely deleted, or if they are still intact somewhere. I was offered a solution to the problem by Iomega tech support, at the cost of nearly £1500 (their quote). I would prefer to try and get my files back without having to pay that amount of money.