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LaCie Data Recovery


I am having trouble with a brand new Lacie Minimus external Hard Drive. I have only just bought this two months ago, I now receive an error message saying that there was an ‘incompatible program. I cannot get the device to upload the software which is in the drive, and install it on the computer so that I can use the device again. This is very frustrating. I have also tried to download the software directly from the Lacie Company, and this has also not worked, as for some reason I am not able to download that onto the computer. I don’t think there is a problem with my download system, since it seems able to download other matters; it is just the software which I need that is the problem.


I am having a problem with a relatively new piece of software which seems to be unstable. I bought a Lacie Minimus external hard drive around 2 weeks ago, and have been using it on and off to store data. There seems to be two main causes of my problem. Firstly, the hard drive just dismounts shortly after being mounted onto the computer. I tried to speak to Lacie tech support about this, but they are claiming that it is something to do with the computer. Secondly, the drive suddenly disappears from my Disk Management page. It just suddenly vanishes, and I notice that the power light also goes out on the machine. Some investigating suggests that the power cable is not working. While I think that this is the cause of the latter problem, and I have no other power cables that will fit the Lacie hard drive, I don’t think that it is the cause of the device dismounting. The latter seems to be occurring soon after start up, and I can see the power light is still working.