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Netgear Data Recovery


I have previously been using a Netgear SC101 external hard drive which now appears to be lost by the computer. I know that Netgear have a proprietary system on their disks which means that the recovery programs often cannot see it. I have tried one or two pieces of online recovery software, and these are all reporting that there is an “unknown file system”. This seems to suggest that I would not be able to get my work back via the traditional methods of recovery. The process is even further complicated by an update of my Vista drives, which seems to have caused the Netgear drives to vanish, and I see that, because I partitioned the drives, I have somehow privatised the whole system. I really have to get the data from these disks.


I divided a Netgear SC101 into two drives, trying to create a mirror which would allow me to save my files to each drive individually. I wanted to have a mirror in order to ensure that my data would be saved on two different secure locations, so that I could at least make a recovery in the event of a crash, or one of the drives breaking down. However, this has not happened, and what has happened is that the mirror has failed. It is filing all of my data in some weird system, so that the bytes making up the data are unreadable. The data constantly moves the bytes so that when I try to open up each file, I am just reading gibberish. There is not a single line of data that I have been able to extract from the SC101, and it seems to be talking me round in circles when I try to do a recovery. I know that I should not have set up the mirror in the way that I did, but it seemed to work.