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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I have a Synology DiskStation 411Slim with 4 bays for disks. I bought this to connect to a computer, as well as a wireless laptop upstairs, so that all of my information could be saved into the same location. This would make it easy for me to work upstairs or downstairs on the same piece of work, without needing to transfer USB devices. I thought at first that it was working fine, and so I have saved a large amount of data onto it. It was copying files quickly, and saving them in a suitable speed, so I was not unhappy. However, recently it has started to be very slow, and now I cannot shut down the CPU unit. I can no longer access the work that I was doing on the drive.


I recently bought several Synology DiskStation 1513 devices, as I wanted to use the RAID1 features in order to ensure that my data was secure and protected against failures. Within the last few days, two of these DiskStations have had failed disks. I spoke to Tech support, and they told me to remove the drives which have failed, and replace them with new devices. I did this, and the machine started to rebuild the whole system, as there are another 3 disks in the DiskStation. However, as the device started to rebuild the data, it suddenly stalled. I could see the progress bar, and it had not moved for more than 3 hours. I was advised that the DiskStation would have to be restarted, and when it turned on it was clear that it has lost all of the data from the entire array. This means that I have lost everything. Apparently, it was a power blip!