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Not so long ago I bought a Dell Latitude E5530 laptop from the company themselves and was chuffed when my laptop arrived by courier. It looks the part and because I had specified what I wanted the laptop to consist of internally I thought I was onto a winner. Unfortunately though after only a week the hard drive decided it did not want me to write any data to the partition that was available and would only switch on and off long enough for me to access safe mode. I’ve been in touch with the company who said send it back and we will replace the drive but in doing so you will lose all the information there. I can’t do that because the information was from an old backup I had and now that backup doesn’t work so the only information I have left is that on the new Dell drive. I don’t know the make of the drive. All I know is that when I paid online I ordered a 320GB 7200RPM drive which was included in the cost of the machine. In Windows 7 Home Premium (also included in the price) I can see the drive and see that there is available space on it but I cannot write to it and when I try to attach an external USB device to copy to the laptop simply refuses. Do you know what the problem is and how, if at all, can I fix it? I don’t want to slack anyone off but the company I bought it from aren’t being very helpful and insist that my data will be lost if they replace or try to reformat the drive.

I wonder if you can help me. I have a bog standard computer that I bought from a well-known retailer on the high street and since my warranty expired I have been doing little bits and pieces to improve upon its rather modest specs. I was doing well and had put it a new graphics card and more memory and decided to move onto the hard drive. Instead though of buying a new drive I decided to partition the old one and in my state of careless abandon I started to install a new version of Windows over the old. I’m trying to install Windows 7 and I desperately need to get information from the partition that was formatted during the installation. Is there any way of doing it? If so can you help me because there are some pretty important documents on there that I need and I understand that professionals such as you can reconstitute data. I’m happy to pay within reason but I need that information back. Currently the PC is sitting on my office desk with nothing only a request for me to continue my installation but I am frightened to in case I leave in such a way that recovering any data is impossible.

Hard Drive Recovery Means a Failed Drive Does Not Necessarily Equal Lost Data

Many people use their computers and rely on the fact that their hard drive is pretty unlikely to fail. Therefore they do not back up the important data and documents that they may have stored on their hard drive, which can make it a pretty stressful occurrence if their data suddenly becomes inaccessible. Fortunately we have a great deal of experience (14 years) in recovering data from a wide range of hard disks that have become unusable for one of a large number of possible reasons.

Unfortunately one of the most common reasons for data inaccessibility is due to user error. This may be because a disk, or a partition on the disk, has been formatted in error, or perhaps some data has been deleted by mistake that was believed to have been backed up. Unless something highly destructive has happened to the disk or the data, then it is possible for us to retrieve lost data in around 99% of cases.

Some cases are more complex that accidental formatting or data deletion. A virus can cause significant amounts of corruption and damage to files and file systems that make them inaccessible through the normal operating system. Or perhaps it is the operating system itself that become damaged and so preventing you from accessing your files. In the vast majority of cases all of the data from systems that have been corrupted in this way can be restored.

The cases that are the most complex to allow recovery of data are where there is a mechanical failure of the drive, which may mean there is damage to the internal components of the hard disk such as the motor, read/write head assembly, disk platter damage etc, or if there is an electronic failure due to a power surge. Despite the complexity of electronic or mechanical damage, we can still recovery all of the data from most of the systems that are sent to us for recovery, we have over 15,000 parts in stock to enable us to perform the most complex of procedures.

We are not limited in the type of system that we can work on and have both experience and success in recovering data from both desktop and laptop hard drives that use Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux or Novell operating systems. We can also recover data from disks that use any one of a large number of file systems from the common NTFS and FATS systems through to less common file systems of Wrapper, VxFS, XFS and NWFS.

The process to get your hard drive restored is very simple. If you find that your hard disk or files on your hard disk are inaccessible the first thing you should do is to give one of our specialist data recovery engineers a call. Most recovery jobs can be assessed over the phone in order to provide you with a quote and the timescale that the recovery will take. The quote is free and you only pay once your data has been recovered. Should your data not be recoverable we will not charge you. We also protect your original disk by working from images, unlike many other companies, so your original data will never be compromised by our processes.