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Client Emails about Hard Drive Recovery

Help with an IOMEGA EZ Media Center Backup please? The aforementioned is a NAS device and was going great and then without warning – except maybe the occasional power outage and grating sound that I put down to moving it around – I couldn’t access anything on it. I’ve been trying for weeks now. Pretty much every night when I have come home from work and to no avail. I thought it would be worthwhile taking the drive out of the NAS and putting it into a desktop computer but nothing happened. The drive was still closed to me. Windows recognized the drive though and I thought this would be good because if I formatted it using the Windows format (in this instance NTFS) I could then use a piece of recovery software and retrieve what I needed. This worked ok and suddenly – to my joy – the disc was suddenly accessible and I thought great I’ve got my stuff back. Sadly though on closer inspection all I have access to is a previous installation’s worth of log files, .txt files and a lot of other operating system-related stuff. I still can’t find the MY DOCUMENTS folder or any of the folders I created myself to save stuff in. Have I lost it or is there some way you techy guys know of retrieving it that you are keeping to yourselves?

I have a Hewlett Packard running Windows 8 that to all intents and purposes was running fine before I put Windows 8 on it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Windows 8 – far from it I love it – but I think the install over Windows XP Professional has caused some kind of problem. It’s taken me ages to find the drivers I needed for my printer and what have you. Or at least what drivers I could find but there were a few missing including one for the motherboard although Windows 8 seemed happy enough with the motherboard. Now though when I boot the machine up there are all sorts of messages being displayed if I’m lucky enough to get passed the blue screen of death and as a result I’m not able to perform a backup of the stuff on my partition which I know I should have done before hand but stupid me thought everything was going to be ok. So this is my problem, how do I get that data from the partition if I can’t even start the laptop in safe mode? Any help would be appreciated.