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Client Emails about IBM Hard Drive Recovery

IBM ThinkCentre m50 8187 HDD
My computer is an IBM ThinkCentre m50 8187 with all original parts. Even its HDD is an IBM. I use for work, mostly to run AutoCAD 2012 LT and Alpha CAM V8 (CNC programming CAD/CAM software). I also use for the regular documenting stuff specifically software like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The computer has had a malware virus and my work folder on my desktop is now blank and contains no data. I have run Kaspersky and Norton anti virus to remove the Malware which it has but my work folder is still empty. I have run scan disk and check disk against the drive but again has not made a difference.

IBM Hard Drive
I have an IBM hard drive with 1TB of storage space and it is also 70% full. Yesterday 235GB of free space was left. Today there is 650GB of free space. 415GB of data has disappeared. I ran virus checking software against the disk and it seems I am the victim of a Ransomware and they want £1500 to uncorrupt my files. Do you have a solution for the Ransomware problem?