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Client Emails about Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery

Maxtor 250GB
Unfortunately, I’m having problems with my Maxtor STM3250310AS 250 GB HDD. To tell you about the problem, the HDD just makes a whirring sound when I turn it on as if it is just going around really quick then a clicking noise is heard. If I open a file from that drive like if I run a game from the drive, the clicking sound happens and the game will just freeze. I have tried copying off all the data from the faulty drive but I only get a few files off before it starts the clicking noises again and freezes the computer.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 500 GB
I used to have Windows XP on my PC but recently I updated to Windows 7 Ultimate since Microsoft will be dropping it support from the latter. I own a Maxtor OneTouch external HDD with 500 GB that I connect using Firewire. I never had any problems with it before but now it randomly disconnects from my computer. When I open my computer, I see that the green indicator light is on, which signals that the drive is ready for use. When I open folders on my computer, I see the main drive (Drive C) and the external hard drive (Drive D). I now cannot access it and transfer files normally as the Drive D just disappears without warning. This use to happen intermittently but now I cannot access the D drive at all.