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Samsung Hard Drive Data Recovery Emails & Article

Samsung HM120JI External Hard Drive
My machine is a MacBook 4 (OS X 10.4.11). I have a Samsung HM120JI External Hard Drive that I use with it for quite some time now. It has been a reliable backup buddy and I have never experienced any issues when using it on my computer. However, just recently, it seems that the Samsung HM120JI External Hard Drive is having a problem. When I connect the HDD on the computer, the icon that appears before is no longer showing. The power light on HDD turns on properly and I can hear the disc inside it spinning, which means that it is working and processing just fine. I am not sure if the connection between the HDD and the computer is the problem so I bought a new connector. This solution did nothing to fix the problem so I guess it isn’t the connector. I tried repairing the HDD using disk utility but it never ends and it keeps on returning errors.

Samsung Evo 120GB SSD
My problem is with a Samsung Evo 120GB SSD. The SSD drive is my master drive and contains the operating system and my data files. I run a small version of SQL server on the system which contains my client database and my invoices & accounts data. The drive is booting up ok but SQL server will not start, it is giving me ‘SQL SYSTEM ERROR’. I have contacted Microsoft support about the issue and it seems that there is sector problems with the hard drive that SQL software cannot read and thus receiving the error. I need a one to one copy of the hard drive so that I can insert it into my computer so that I can gain access to SQL and my data.

Samsung Data Recovery Services

Samsung is a worldwide leader in producing not only mobile devices, but also high-quality hard drives. The company is the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of 1.8 inch hard drives, and is also working to take the lead in the manufacture of 2.5 inch hard drives. In addition to these traditional hard drive designs, other items, such as solid state drives and hybrid drives are also gaining popularity for use in devices such as portable media players.

With the wide variety of Samsung products available, it’s no wonder that they are known for their quality of design and high level of functionality, but as is the case with any mechanical device, failures are possible. Since Samsung hard drives are becoming relied on by so many people throughout the world to store large amounts of data, it can be a very challenging time when a Samsung hard drive fails. The loss of data can be not only incredibly personally difficult, but also professionally challenging.

The most recent hard drive models from Samsung are the SpinPoint models. These models frequently experience problems for a couple of reasons including:

  • A burned circuit board. Samsung drives, as compared to other drives, are highly susceptible to overheating and power surges, which can lead to a burned spindle driver chip on the electronics portion of the drive. When this occurs, it can make data inaccessible by the user of the device. If this problem does occur when using a Samsung drive, the user will likely notice or smell smoke, and the computer would either reboot without prompting or completely shut down.
  • Firmware problems are also common with Samsung SpinPoint drives. A portion of the firmware can experience a corruption. When this occurs, the drive will likely fail to initialize and will stop working either correctly or at all. If this happens, the drive may sound normal, but indications the user has a problem would likely appear in the form of error messages when the user attempts to boot the system. Common error messages that indicate a firmware problem include “Primary Master Hard Disk Fail” or “No Operating System Found.”
  • A third commonly experienced problem with recent models of Samsung drives is damaged heads. Damaged heads are typically indicated by a clicking or knocking sound when the device is operational. In this circumstance the recovery needs to take place in a clean room. When a user attempts to open the hard drive without a professional data recovery service it can lead to scratches and other damaged to the hard drive that will make the recovery more difficult or even impossible.

When any of the symptoms mentioned above are experienced by the user of a Samsung device, the best course of action is to turn of the device immediately and seek the services of a Samsung professional data recovery service like ourselves. It’s also a good idea to make notes of everything that occurred leading up to the system failure, because this information can help a data recovery service diagnosis the problem and retrieve lost data more easily and efficiently.