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Client Emails about Samsung Hard Drive Recovery

Samsung Evo 840 120Gb SSD and Samsung SSD 50Gb
I am having a problem with a disappearing hard drive on my computer. I have checked almost everywhere that I can but I can’t seem to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. I examined the connectors, the cables, and the PSU. I even tried swapping the hard drives, updated the BIOS and drivers, and changed various configurations. Almost all I can think of, I have tried those. The problem is the SSD keeps on disappearing after using the computer for some time. When I reboot, it is there again. I see it on BIOS and even when Windows has started, I can see it on My Computer. However, after a few minutes it disappears again. To get it back, I have to reboot the computer. The problem I have is that I cannot copy the data I need from the drive before it disappears.

Samsung HD642JJ (640GB) Hard Drive
I have a Samsung HD642JJ (640GB) Hard Drive with Windows 8 installed on the hard disc. I use the computer exclusively to store photos of my clients as I am a wedding photographer. Somehow my wedding folder containing all my clients data including a recent wedding shoot has disappeared from the computer. I scanned the computer for lost files but did not find any of the missing data.