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Client Emails about WD Hard Drive Recovery

Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB External Hard Drive
I have a problem with my Western Digital My Book Essential Hard Drive. I have used internal hard drives from Western Digital and know that they are the best manufacturers. But my hard drive seems to be malfunctioning! The hard drive takes a while before it opens screen icons on Windows 7. I also notice that the icons I click on don’t run at all. I have to click a few times before the application runs. When I step away from my PC for more than an hour and come back to open my hard drive, it usually takes ages for my hard drive to open. That used to be OK for me until that other functions and applications on my PC start taking a lot of time to start. Now data has gone missing on the hard drive. About 40gb of files on My Desktop has disappeared, I need to get this data back.

WD My Passport 1.5TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Black
I own several Western Digital My Passport drives, but I needed more storage for my work, so I got this 1.5TB model. I get the problem though wherein it will function for some time, and then my computer will not recognise the drive. I would unplug and then plug again, and then it will work again, but irregularly. This problems has got worse and worse until the hard drive was not getting recognised at all. I have tried connecting the My Passport to several computers but does not connect.