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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop

ACER 1360

I am getting messages from my Acer 1360 at start up, which is saying that it cannot find an operating system. This is after a couple of years of use, and having a fully working Windows 7 system being used on it for most of that time. I have looked at BIOS, and I can see the other drives, including my flash drive (USB) and the DVD drive, but I am not able to see the hard drive. In fact, it has a list of drives, and has put hard drive model name: 0. I swapped out the hard drive so that I could test one which I knew was working, and found that the Acer would boot up beautifully with the replacement. The old hard drive has a lot of data on it that I would like to recover.

ACER V3751

I am using an Acer V3751 Windows 8 laptop which suddenly would not shut down last night. The person who was using it says that it was shut down at half past eight, and the screen went blank almost immediately. Despite this, the power and the fans were still working, and the DVD drive was also responsive. The person using the laptop put a DVD into the drive, but it spun for a few seconds and then stopped. But while all of this was going on, and even after the DVD was removed, the hard drive data light was blinking all the time. It seems to have got stuck in the shut down process. I saw the problem when I came in, after about 2 hours of this blank screen, but lights on. I pressed the power key again to shut down, to no response. I then removed the battery at around half past ten. I then rebooted, and the screen is still blank.