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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


After a serious problem with spyware, I want to restore an Acer laptop back to the factory settings, but I need to get the data recovered from the laptop first. I removed the hard drive from the laptop and inserted into a usb caddy but it did not work as the hard drive is making a clicking noise.


My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5742, and it was going through a process of freezing up quite regularly, until last week, when it stopped booting up at all. I am getting an error message, which says ‘disk read error occurred’. It then tells me to ‘press ctrl alt del to restart’. I do this, but when it restarts, it just boots into the same message, and then nothing else. I have tried to use boot CDs, and I have also tried to install a Windows OS in order to see if that will do at least a bit of a repair. However, it is still not functioning. It still returns to the same message. The CD isn’t even booted properly, as far as I can tell. I took out the hard drive, and plugged it into my desktop. The hard disk did not show up, which I think means that it is completely dead.

Recover Data From An Acer Laptop

Laptops are the modern workhorse of the computer world. They are not only used to carry around business data and presentations, they are used for anything and everything from checking emails to watching films. Their portable format means that if they can be taken somewhere, they probably will be. The ongoing proliferation of Wi-Fi means that you no longer have to search out an internet terminal, you just have to switch on your own laptop. All of this travelling isn’t necessarily good for a laptop through as the frequent knocks and bumps can gradually damage the physical components found inside them. Many laptops are now so small and light, such as the Acer Aspire S3-391, that they are perhaps not given their own cases and are put in with other objects. While this is a great space saving measure, being in the same compartment as water bottles and other liquids may not be the best idea as many instances of damage seen are due to the ingress of water into the system.

Laptops also have the problem on that the hard drives are less accessible than PC hard drives, which can easily be removed from one system and slaved to another in order to assess damage levels with small amounts of risk. Laptop hard drives are not only often integrated into the machine, they do not have connections that you can use easily in order to carry out diagnostics.

Of course, physical damage is not the only problem that can occur on a laptop. Some of the most common problems are due to user error and a lack of robust actions in order to ensure the safety of important data and information. The first of these errors is the accidental deletion of information. This is not an issue if the system is regularly backed up, but if the laptop is the sole location of the information its loss has a much greater impact. However, if the deletion is noted quickly then it is highly likely that the information will still be there as initially it is only the pointer to the information that is deleted and not the information itself. Instead the located is marked as an area that can be overwritten. Therefore by using data recovery software or data recovery services it is highly likely that you will be able to retrieve the data you have lost.

Retrieving corrupted data can be a lot harder as there will have been errors introduced into the system. In these cases there may not be much information to retrieve. Causes of this type of data loss can be a physical crash, bad sector problems on disk, read/write mal function, faulty motor etc.

No matter what your data loss, or data access issues, you should phone our Acer data recovery experts as your first action. Even if the problem seems simple you should speak to one of our recovery experts as the advice is free and you could potentially save yourself money and also your data. So give us a call and in most cases we can give you a diagnosis over the phone.