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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have a problem with an Asus laptop which did not close down properly at the end of use. I had unplugged the power cord at what I thought was the system turning off, but when I went into the laptop bag around 6 hours later, I found that it was extremely hot. The battery part of the compartment was almost burning the fingers as I touched it, and so I allowed it to cool down completely before I tried to restart it. I say tried, because when I pressed the start button, the laptop would not boot up into Windows. It simply stops at the Loading Windows screen, and I can see the progress bar at the bottom of the screen which is not moving. I restarted it, and this time pressed F8 to get into BIOS. I tried to access Windows through Start Normally, and through Safe Mode, but neither of these worked. I then went back in and selected Repair. All of the systems are stalling when they get to the same point, which is windows\system32\driverszghafs. I assume this has been burned out due to the heat. I need to recover my data?


I am having serious problems with an Asus K35E which has a number of issues. It began when I shut down the system, moved it to another room, and turned it back on. Since then, it has started to delete or corrupt programs which carried files on them, such as iTunes. I am not able to run these programs, and instead got an error message. This morning, I was having to reinstall one of these programs yet again, and discovered that it is reporting an error with the hard drive. What I get is that the OS can’t start the device due to configuration information being corrupt or incomplete. I have also had problems with the laptop changing my personal settings so that it goes back to factory, and removes everything that I have changed. This is naturally quite annoying for me. The biggest problem is now that it can’t get into the hard drive, and so I am unable to recover the files and folders for the software, such as iTunes.

Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data

Asus is one of the most popular makes of laptop. They are known for being rugged and reliable, but they are not indestructible and so there are many instances when an Asus laptop can fail. If you experience problems with your Asus laptop and find you can’t access your data, or perhaps the system won’t even boot up, the first thing you should do is to contact one of our data recovery experts. They have seen many Asus laptops and are able to find solutions to the vast majority of problems so that you get as much of your data back as possible. What you should not do is to try a few things and then call us as this could put your data recovery at risk. A phone call to our experts is free and we can diagnose most problems over the phone.

The main reason why there are failures in Asus laptops is because they are carried around so much. Even when laptops are carried around in a dedicated laptop bag the laptop can get bumped, which can potentially cause damage to the system. There are also the types of damage that occur when a laptop is carried in a bag with other items. If there are objects with liquid in, such as water bottles, or sharp objects, such as nail files, then it is possible that there will be damage from water ingress, or possibly damage due to the sharp objects. If there computer will not boot up at all, there are a number of reasons why this might happen. The most serious is if the hard drive has physically crashed, which is likely to have caused damage to the storage area and corrupted the information written there. In other cases the hard drive may not be mounting properly due to corruption of the operating system, or perhaps even a loose connection. In all of these cases it is best to get the Asus laptop looked at by an expert, or at least diagnosed by an expert, before attempting data recovery.

There are a range of other faults that can also occur on laptops, some of which are relatively easy to avoid. The first is virus infection, which can be avoided if up to date anti-virus software is installed on the laptop. Viruses vary greatly in what they do, some can be relatively harmless and are just annoying, others can completely corrupt all of the data you hold on your laptop.

Accidental deletion of files is also something that commonly happens on laptops. In these cases file recovery should be relatively straightforward as long as you notice the deletion as soon as you’ve done it. If you wait too long before attempting the recovery you may find that the data you are trying to retrieve has actually been, at least partially, overwritten. In some cases you will be able to utilise data recovery software, but it is still best to get expert advice first as if things go wrong you may find you lose the data altogether.