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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I bought an HP laptop which had Windows 7 home edition installed on it. There are two partitions, one of which is a recovery disk. I decided that I should make a backup of the recovery disk, just in case, and then upgraded the system to Windows 8. During the Windows 8 installation, I formatted the C drive exactly as it told me. However, when I went into the system, I found that there was now a third drive which the system had automatically created. I have decided that I prefer Windows 7 to the new OS, but I have not been able to recover it. I am getting a message which says that files are missing. I thought that I would load up the disks, which were loaded when the system was pristine. I got the same message. I have saved some data to the Windows 7 OS which I would like back, and I thought that by keeping it in the recovery disks I would be able to access it if anything went wrong. So far, I have not been able to get into Windows 7 or find the data.


I have an older laptop which needs to be recovered in order to access the data that is on it. What has happened is that I got a few messages about my hard drive which I was not able to sort out. Then, the system crashed, and now it reboots into recovery mode all the time, and also puts up the blue screen of death. When I click an option, such as Safe Mode, all that happens is that it boots straight into the recovery mode. I have refreshed the PC, and uninstalled all of the third party software which I could see in BIOS, but it is not responding. I have an external hard drive but it needs to be in Windows in order to read the data. I have not been able to access the information that is contained on the disks, as all that happens is that the system repeatedly reboots, goes into recovery mode, and then crashes.