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Don’t Lose The Love For Your Laptop, Use Laptop Recovery Services


I need some help with a server which is connected to a Windows desktop computer. The server uses two hard drives in a raid array, and both appear to have failed at the same time. The computer had not been used for a long time, and I only started using it again while my laptop was being fixed. The first time that the computer was used, it crashed, and while rebooting the computer sent me a message saying that the files in the server had crashed. I went into BIOS, but the hard drives on the array were not available. I can hear nothing coming from the server when looking for the drives. The majority of my data is stored in this array, and I need to be able to extract the folders and files without corruption or damage.


I have an IBM server with an 8-disk Raid array. These disks were originally configured into a particular order, and they worked fine. I saved several hundred GB of data to these drives, but I now have an error message saying that one of the disks had failed. I ran a rebuild, and it seems as though the order of the drives was swapped around in the array. I have tried to find the original stripe and order of the Raid, but the information is not available. Instead, the server just reports that there is corrupt data on the drives. I have managed to extract a line of data, but there was nothing further from that file, and I can’t get any more out of the drives. I think that the Raid has accidentally rebuilt over the drives which were working, using the failed drive as the master. This means that most of my data will have been rewritten?

Don’t Lose The Love For Your Laptop, Use Laptop Recovery Services


I had an accident with my laptop which involved it being knocked onto the floor in an accident. I immediately took out the hard drive, and tried to run a CHKDSK on it. This seemed to pass with no problems, and the hard drive was marked as ‘repaired’, and I could see all of the data available. However, a couple of days after the accident, the OS would suddenly not start up. I had to run the Windows recovery or repair program, and this has really done some damage to my hard drive. I think that it possibly overheated, and since then it has been reporting bad sectors all the time. I tried to do an emergency recovery, and repair it piece by piece, but it is estimating that the repair time will be around 2 years.


I have an older laptop, possibly a Samsung laptop but I am not sure of the model. What happened was that, during a shut down, the system suddenly put up a blue screen, and then rebooted. Since that time, the BIOS has been unable to locate the hard drive. It then published a SMART warning to the screen, but it disappeared before I could make a note of it. I removed the battery and unplugged the laptop, trying a hard reset on it. However, this did not work, and the hard drive is now inaccessible. I have been using it, but it is actually someone else’s laptop, with a lot of important data on it, including photos which can not be found anywhere else.


I have a virtually new laptop which I have only used for a short period of time. I installed some programs on the computer, including Yahoo Messenger, which I use to record conversations with clients. This all seemed to go well, and I had a few chats with my clients and the information was saved to Yahoo Messenger as usual. The next time I booted up, however, the computer put up a large blue screen reporting a ‘crash dump’, just after I had reached the desktop page. It told me that Windows had been forced to shut down in order to protect itself, and there were also several error messages. There was also a message saying Disk Error, and when I went back into the desktop, everything had been restored to the original programs and desktop arrangement, so that the programs I had installed, such as Messenger, were gone. This is a big problem for me, as I need the conversations that were recorded in the Messenger program, and which are only stored on the laptop where the conversations took place.


I have a Sony Vaio VPCS35FL, which I have used for several years. I tend to work on it, writing business documents and so on. Yesterday, as I was writing a document, the computer suddenly shut down. When I rebooted, I found that I could only get as far as the Windows Image, and then nothing else happens. I can see a large cursor in the middle of the screen, and I can move it about as with the usual mouse pointer. I have tried to go into the Windows desktop through a variety of routes, including Safe mode and Start Windows Normally, but I am not able to get into the Start menu and view the data that is on there. I need some of that data in order to complete a business presentation, and so it is vital that I should be able to recover the files and folders in my Documents screen.

Don’t Lose The Love For Your Laptop, Use Laptop Recovery Services

Laptops are fantastic inventions but because they are so very useful they get transported around a great deal and may be treated a little less gently than perhaps they should be. They also tend to be used as workhorses, expected to boot up and shut down at any moment depending on whether there is a spare five minutes on the train to just catch up on a few emails or to tweak a presentation. Therefore when your laptop hard drive either stops working or becomes inaccessible your first response may be to panic.

There is no need to panic though because there is help at hand from ourselves, we have professional data recovery engineers who will be able to recover all of your data in 99% of cases. Clearly some data recovery tasks are more complex than others. If you have accidentally deleted some key files or have formatted a partition or hard drive before you backed up your files it is a relatively simple job for professional data recovery engineers to restore your files. In cases where there has been corruption of files caused, perhaps through the effects of a virus, the recovery will be more complex and is likely to take a little longer.

Highly complex faults, such as complete mechanical failure of the hard drive, or the exposure of the system to a large electrical spike, are some of the hardest types of data recovery to carry out. However if it can be done then our data recovery engineers will do it.

There are many different makes and models of laptop and in our 14 years of carrying out data recovery we have worked on all of the leading laptop brands such as Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Apple etc and successfully recovered data from them. We work just as happily on Windows laptops as we do on Mac laptops and can also easily deal with Linux, Unix and Novell laptops. There are also a multitude of file systems that can be used on laptops that range from the well-known Windows NTFS and FAT systems, to Apple’s HFS systems through to the more specialised Ext systems with a long list of other file systems that we have worked on in between.

For us to have the best chances of recovering 100% of your data it is best to give one of our Laptop expert data recovery engineers a call as soon as you notice a problem with your laptop. The more that you attempt to fix it yourself, the more likely it is that this will cause further damage to the drive or the files contained within it.

So if you have a laptop that requires data recovery to be carried out, give one of our data recovery specialists a call. In most cases they can give you a diagnosis over the phone, unless the fault is particularly complex or unusual, along with a quote of both how much it will cost and the time that it will take. We offer highly competitive rates and a quality of service that will provide you with your data swiftly and securely.