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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I am having problems with a Fujitsu Amilo V3205 Pro. I have been using it for a while with no difficulty, but suddenly yesterday it won’t stop beeping, and printing out the same key again and again. I am able to get into Windows, and into the BIOS, but I can’t do anything about data recovery because this one symbol being typed is blocking everything. I have even taken the button off of the keyboard, in order to try and remove the pressure, but the computer is still typing it. I don’t know what else I can try, and I am completely out of ideas. There is nothing else missing apart from this single problem. I took it to a repair shop, and changed the keyboard for another, but as soon as I booted into Windows, the beeping and the key pressing started again. I want to save the data I have on the laptop, can you please help me?

Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery

Within the world of data recovery, the name Fujitsu has become somewhat synonymous with a bad reputation. This is because of a problem that occurred with the company in 2002, in which Fujitsu manufactured about five million faulty MPG drives. These faulty drives featured a Cirrus logic chip, and because of the situation the company has never again manufactured 3.5 inch IDE drives.

Due to this situation, the only Fujitsu drives that are seen today are for use in SCSI interfaces and laptops. Despite the problems with the company in the past, their products are incredibly reliable and rarely require the services of a data recovery specialist because their firmware and mechanics are incredibly functional.

With this being said, even the most well-made and manufactured hard drive can experience failure and malfunction. While it isn’t common with Fujitsu, it certainly does occur.

One of the most common problems seen in Fujitsu hard drives is mechanical in nature and is the presence of bad heads and heads that are stuck to the platters. When the heads are bad it leads to knocking, sweeping and clicking. When heads are stuck to the platters of the device it prevents the device from being able to properly spin.

With either of these mechanical problems, it’s imperative that users not attempt to troubleshoot or repair problems themselves. These problems need to be addressed in a 100 clean room environment. When a user tries to open the hard drive on his or her own it can lead to scratches on the surface of the device that will make the data completely irretrievable, even by the most experienced professionals.

Another reason that hard drive failure is experienced, particularly with laptops containing Fujitsu hard drives is because of bad sectors. While this can be a problem for any hard drive, Fujitsu seems to have a particular problem with the issue. Bad sectors can occur after a period of time, and it is the result of the degradation of the magnetic media covering the platters. The magnetic media can experience decay, and this in turn leads to the inability of the domains to turn in the correct direction. If the hard drive tries to read data from a damaged sector, the result is usually freezing, scratching or clicking. When this happens more damage will occur and the more damage that happens to more data is likely to be lost in the process.

If a Fujitsu hard drive begins making a sound that is out of the ordinary, the best thing to do is discontinue use of the device right away and contact a professional data recovery service. All too often individuals will try to open the hard drive or fix the problems themselves based on information found on YouTube videos or other resources, but this will just lead to a permanent loss of data in most circumstances. To properly and effectively recover data from a Fujitsu device, the expertise and proper environment of a data recovery service are required.