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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I installed Virtual Server, with 2005 version, and then connected this to a Windows Server, 2003. So far so good, but recently I have not been able to get the server in the laptop to communicate regularly with the Windows Server. Sometimes it will, mostly it will not. When I do have connection, there is very little I can actually do in the server before I lose connection and get kicked out. I am not having much luck with the server, and I don’t know really why this is happening. I have tried the Virtual Server and Windows Server connection in other computers, including my previous laptop, and everything worked fine. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. The problem is that the Windows Server holds a lot of important data about my clients’ websites, and sometimes is the only backup they have. Can you recover the data from this virtual server?


I am struggling to manage a Fujitsu laptop which will not respond to any of my attempts to charge it. It has not been working for a while now, and when I plug the charge pack into the socket, the battery LED light which is on the top of the pack simply goes out. The battery is failing, and I am not quite sure why, since the laptop itself is relatively new. The most significant problem is that the battery failure has appeared several times before I get to BIOS. I assume that means that the computer will fail, or will struggle if the battery dies. It also seems to suggest that it is not seeing the charge pack in some way, as it would get power from that. Does anyone know a way that I can use to save the laptop? It has a lot of data on it that I use regularly.