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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have an older Macbook Pro that was one of the first Apple devices to use Intel. It is still going well, despite the fact that it is now so old, but about a year ago, I saw that the battery is not powering up the laptop. It is showing up as fully charged when I have the computer turned on, but it is not giving out any power. I decided to buy another battery and do a simple replacement, but the new battery is acting just the same as the old one. I changed the charger pack, making sure that it was the same voltage, but that also has not solved the problem. I am now struggling to resolve the issue, since at the moment my Macbook laptop is a desktop computer.


I have made a mistake when clearing away some unwanted files from my Macbook Pro. I was just tidying away some stuff, which seemed to be slowing down the computer, at the end of the day. I gathered the files together in the trash, and then binned them, deleting them for good. Next day I realised while looking for some Word Documents that I accidently deleted them, can these files be recovered?

What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails

While Macbook Pros are no more or less rugged than most other laptops, they are one of the most popular makes around, which means that most data recovery experts have seen a lot of them. The main reason for this is the fact that they are lightweight and so therefore they get taken everywhere and are frequently bumped around in bags, which perhaps are not specifically designed for protecting a laptop. Laptops can also be particularly vulnerable to being damaged by other things that are in the bag with them, leaking water bottles is a regular culprit of Macbook Pro damage.

There are a lot of faults that can develop on a laptop, just because of the physical format it is in. The hard drive is very similar in construction to an internal hard drive of a desktop PC. These drives are designed to be used in a static position and because they have moving parts they can get damaged relatively easily.

There are a range of things you may see on your laptop if it fails. Perhaps one of the simpler faults is the sudden inability to see and/or access data folders stored on the laptop. This may indicate a number of problems, perhaps a small amount of corruption has occurred and the pointers no longer point to the files, or the operating system has had errors introduced to it. In many of these cases data recovery can be achieved using software. However it is not advised to just go and download the first piece of data recovery software you find online. You should give an expert Macbook Pro recovery expert a call first. Over the phone advice is free and it could save you a lot of money in the long run. If the problems you are encountering fit in with their experience of a problem that is simple to fix you may be able to carry out the recovery on your own. If the diagnostic tests you are asked to run indicate something more serious you are better off handing over your laptop to the experts.

The same applies to files that you may have deleted by accident. While in most cases it is likely to be a relatively simple software restore, it is wise to speak to one of our Apple Mac data recovery experts to ensure you don’t affect any of the other software or systems by doing so. If in doubt, let an expert do it.

A much more serious problem is if the Macbook Pro fails to boot at all and you receive a question mark symbol. In these cases you should call a data recovery expert immediately and get some expert advice on what the potential problem could be. There are different types of startup failure, some of which involve not being able to mount the hard drive, which could be because of a physical connection issue, others involve a complete crash of the hard drive. Our experts have seen many examples of all of the possible problems a Macbook Pro can experience so give us a call and let us help you out and recover your data.