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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have recently installed a new hard drive into my Macbook Pro. I installed this following instructions, and after watching a video on how to do it. Everything was assembled correctly and working okay without any problems. One day I got an error message which said that the NTLDR is missing. I had purchased the hard drive from Apple, since I know that it is sometimes difficult to get parts that match together when buying from individual retaillers. There is certainly no starting up capacity for the laptop, the whole thing seems completely dead.


I have a laptop, the Macbook Pro Z0EC. This is not a new product, but it is one that I have now worked with for a few years. The problem that is happening started after I did an upgrade of my OS because the old one was becoming very slow and I wanted to refresh all the software. I managed to re-install all the necessary software components, and Time Machine was the only problem. The data that it backed up is somehow corrupt. I never tested the data but imaged that Apple would have a fail safe backup option for the data. I now need the data recovered from a Mac that has been upgraded or from the corrupt Time Machine backups.