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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba P745 which I recently installed some Windows updates on. I have heard bad things about some updates causing crashes, but what happened on mine is that firstly the internet stopped working, and then my hard drive fell off of Drive Manager. I have done everything that I can to try and recover both of these programs, including updating drivers and turning the system off and then on again. I have also tried to do a disk recovery using the F buttons, to try and create a reset, but nothing is happening. I don’t want to do a full system restore because that would wipe the data which is on the hard drive. I also am not able to run the OS restore, because that is on a separate partition inside the drive, of all places. This means that if the BIOS cannot see the drive (and it can’t), then I can’t restore the system.


I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 with a completely black screen. What is happening is that I can power up, and the lights on the console will come on. There is the sound of the hard drive starting up, but there is absolutely nothing on the screen at all. I cannot even see the makers splash screen, or a cursor at the top corner. There is just nothing. My son was using it last, and he reports that there was some message about a BIOS update, but he can’t remember what, and then the system crashed. I have tried to run a recovery disk, but there was nothing happening, I think because it needs to have the boot sequence accepted, and of course I can’t see the message to accept. I have tried to do everything that I can think of, plus some additional suggestions that have appeared on Toshiba’s own site. The laptop is so old that it is not under warranty, and I have data on there that I need.