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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I need help with a Compaq Presario 4020. I am not able to turn it on, at least to the point where I can do anything. I cannot even get into BIOS. When I press the start button, one light comes on at the front, but the other (the hard drive light) will not. I can see that the light on the power pack has gone green, which means that it is on, and I can also hear the two fans running. Despite all of this activity, the computer itself never comes on. I never hear the beep! which means that it has started, and the monitor will not display anything. It starts off with the usual blue light at the front, and then goes to amber, which means that it is not getting a signal, and is in energy saving mode. I have tried to hold down the power button for a reset, and the only noise appears to be coming from the motherboard on start up.


I have a Compaq Presario S4020 which is not working. When I turn it on, I can hear it start to work inside the tower. It seems to be working a lot harder than usual. The fans are both working, and when I looked at them, while they were dusty, they are still running. Before it stopped working, it went through a period of running particularly slowly, sometimes taking several minutes to do anything. However, I did a defrag on it, and that seemed to work well. I am also finding that, despite all the activity within the tower, everything outside it is not working. The num and caps lock lights on the keyboard don’t come on, as usual when it is starting up, and the monitor itself is blank, with a slightly grey screen that makes me think it is waiting for a signal from the computer. I assume that something has died in the system, but I have a lot of work on the Compaq that I need to recover.

Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs

Compaq make a wide range of desktop computers and they all have a great reputation for being reliable. However even the best computers are not perfect and all are at risk from data loss and corruption. The reasons can vary from user error through virus infections, but all can lead to the loss and corruption of data. In some cases the data will be unrecoverable, but in most cases there will be a level of data recovery possible that includes complete data recovery. To have the best chance of recovering all of the data from a system the first thing you should do is to call one of our Compaq data recovery experts. We have many years of experience of recovering data from systems and can recognise most system faults from a description over the phone to give you a solid starting point for your decisions about what to do next. For simple issues our experts will provide you with some options you can safely try out yourself at home, but for more complex issues they can provide you with various options and also the chances of data recovery associated with each one. You should also note that you should give an expert a call before you try any of your own data recovery methods as there is a possibility that you will increase the amount of damage and reduce the chances of recovering all of the data.

There are a number of things that can lead to data becoming inaccessible on a computer system. The most common causes of data becoming inaccessible is due to user error. This can be due to accidental file deletion, or missing a file off a back-up and then formatting the drive. In both of these cases the recovery of the files should be reasonably straightforward as both of these processes do not actually affect the file data itself, instead these processes only remove the pointers to the files. Software to restore this type of error is freely available, but it is still worth getting advice about the best type of software for your particular computer.

There are other more serious types of damage that can occur to your desktop PC that may affect the availability of your files. If an error is introduced into your operating system there is the potential that it can affect you seeing and accessing your files. If you have your operating system installed on a partition on your hard drive it can make the restoration of the operating system easier and less risky, but it should still be possible on a unpartitioned hard drive, although the risk of damaging and losing other files is increased.

If your computer does not have up to date virus protection then you greatly increase your chances of getting a virus on your computer. While many viruses only have minor influences on your hard drive, others can potentially corrupt everything on there, which may lead to a complete loss of your data. If in doubt, ring one of our data recovery experts for help.