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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC

DELL XPS 8300:

I have been using a Dell XPS 8300. Recently I cannot use the PC. Trying to update drivers resulted in a ‘driver software for your system is up to date’. I then removed the drives, and tried to reinstall, but got the message ‘Composite Device Failed’. Yesterday, when I tried to restore a back file I got the error message ‘Last Backup Failed’. As I cannot use the windows backup I need the data recovered from the Dell hard disk.


I am using a Dell Inspiron which I rely upon for my occupation as a freelance designer. I regularly make backups to the system to free up space on my work computer, and I use a USB drive which is installed onto one of the ports directly connected to the computer. This drive has been in place for about 5 years, and has had no problems until last night. The first thing I noticed when I went online was a message from the backup program, saying that “The backup Last Night Failed”. This message was written in large red letters, rather than the usual small green lowercase. I then looked down the list of all previous savings, and discovered that there had been a problem with backups at irregular intervals over the last 10 months. I have deleted most of this data to free up space on the Dell hard drive. Can this data be recovered?

Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC

Dell PCs are a very popular brand of PC in the modern household and in the main they are reliable and will safely store your data. However no product is 100% robust and so from time to time there will be Dell PCs that will go wrong.

It can be a gut-wrenching moment when you try to boot your PC and find that either it won’t boot, or that important data and information is missing from your system. There are many different problems that can occur in PCs and so you shouldn’t automatically assume the worst, but you should make a call to an expert before you do anything in order to get advice on your best course of action. There are many examples where people have attempted to restore data themselves but have found that they have only created more problems, that in some cases have led to complete loss of all of the data that was to be recovered. Getting expert advice before you do anything can be the difference between a trouble free recovery and total loss of all of your data.

Clearly there are different levels of problem. Perhaps one of the most common is the accidental deletion of files, or the loss of files due to formatting a drive and missing them off the back-up. These are probably the easiest issues to spot because you are expecting to see your data there. They can also be some of the easiest problems to rectify because the data, in general, is still there, it is just the pointers to the files that have been removed. This makes it appear as if the files have gone, but unless something else has been written over the top, or the drive has been forensically formatted, the data should still be there.

In contrast, one of the most serious things that can happen to your computer is that there is a physical crash of the hard drive. In these cases the physical components of the hard drive become damaged, which can lead to corruption of the data on the disk. It is not a trivial process to make an image of the disk in order to attempt data recovery from it. An infection by a virus can also lead to serious corruption of both the files and the operating system on a computer. These cases not only require delicate reconstruction, they also require the system to be treated for the virus in order to recover any data. Virus infections can be greatly minimised by utilising the latest anti-virus software on all of your machines.

Your computer may also be exposed to some sort of physical shock, which could include dropping it, or even being exposed to an electrical surge. These can affect the entire hard drive and may corrupt the data stored there, particularly in the case of an electrical surge. In any of these cases you should contact our Dell data recovery experts who have years of experience and who will be able to help you identify the best course of action for your machine.