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I have a Dell Inspiron Desktop which is the 1040 I think. I bought it a few years back, and connected it to my existing network. It seemed fine for the first few months, and then it suddenly shut down. The entire screen went blank just before it closed down, and then a blue screen appeared warning me that it was doing a screen dump. I had to wait a long time for this dump to finish, and then I did a restart. While this happened infrequently to start with, it is now occurring several times a day. It is happening so often that I am no longer really able to use the system. I tried to get it repaired by taking it back to the PC shop I purchased it from, and they said that they did not know what the problem was.


I purchased a refurbished computer a few months ago, and now am experiencing some odd error messages when I am trying to log into computer. When I enter my username and password it says I am locked out and that I need to enter the Admin password for the computer. I am the owner of the computer and thought I had administrator rights to PC. I now cannot log in and access my data.