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I have an HP Pavilion A1610N which is making an odd scratching sound when I turn it on. I had it repaired recently due to the fact that the motherboard fan broke down. This fan was under warranty, and so it was easily replaced. However, since it has returned, I can hear this scratching noise, plus another which is like a ‘revving’ engine noise. These sounds are quite loud, and can sometimes be heard over the speakers when I am playing music. Someone recommended that I try to do a defrag of the data, and I have now tried this, but it seems to have caused the hard drive to keep skipping, as I am noticing that files tend to come and go from the folders. This can make it hard when I am looking for something specific, and I am not sure that some files have not been lost altogether. I am wondering if it could be a result of the replacement fan, but I am also concerned that the hard drive might have bad sectors, which could explain the problems with file loss.


I have a Pavilion 1610 which recently failed to load an update from HP onto the computer. It is now currently stuck on a cycle of updating, failing and rebooting which has meant that I am not able to do anything with the desktop. I can’t access my files, and I certainly can’t recover them as the computer now is. The problem is always the same, that the computer gets to around 98% of the installation, and then there is a message saying that the computer has found an Exception, and that it cannot find the new drivers to install. It will then put up a new message, saying that parts of the system path could not be found. There are two options, and when I pick the one which says ‘ignore error and continue’, it just freezes. I can’t stop the download at any point after the start up, and this means that I can’t stop the machine from blocking my desktop.