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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I need some help with a Packard Bell OneTwo desktop computer. The basic facts are, that after using it for some time, and saving a lot of data onto the drive, I now cannot get the system to boot up properly. I turn on the power, and get an error message which says ‘Windows did not shut down correctly’. It then suggests some more options, including Start in Safe Mode. When I choose that option, I get a scrolling message which is basically a list of drivers. If I try any of the other options, I just get a black screen. I can press F2, and access Setup Utility, but I want to recover the data which is on the hard drive before I try anything like that. I don’t want to lose this information which is on the computer, and that includes some expensive software which I would like to recover.


I have a Packard Bell iMedia 3810 which is causing me some trouble. I have problems with the LAN system on the computer which connects my computer to a storage centre where all my data is kept. I have been using an Ethernet cable which connects the PC to the server, and this has stopped working after I transferred the latest data to my server. There was supposed to be a secondary backup, but this has failed some time ago, and so I only have the server as the data storage system for the computer. This means that I am now not able to access any of the data which I have created on the computer. This is a problem as I work from home and supply clients with data from documents. These documents are all locked onto the server.

Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs

Packard Bell are one of the companies that have taken the step to integrate the computer hard drive into the monitor of the PC. They also make a number of traditional desktop PCs, such as the imedia range and the ixtreme. These machines are capable of being gaming machines, entertainment hubs as well as performing the more traditional computer roles. Therefore they are very likely to have a lot of data stored on them locally. If you experience problems with either your operating system or accessing your files the first thing you should do is to call one of our experts. We have years of experience in dealing with traditional Packard Bell desktop PCs and are also familiar with the oneTwo integrated systems, and so can provide you with initial advice and diagnoses on what the problem is and how you can go about correcting it. If you speak to one of our experts before you try any rectification activity you could potentially avoid many of the pitfalls involved in recovering data from a system.

No matter how advanced a computer, there is still going to be room for operator error. One of the most common is the accidental deletion of files. This can occur in a number of ways and it can be one of the simplest types of data loss to deal with. This is because when a file is deleted from a system it is actually only the pointer to the file that is deleted and that segment of the hard drive is highlighted as being available for overwriting. If the file deletion is noticed quickly there is an extremely high likelihood of recovering the file fully intact. If a lot of time has passed then it is likely that at least some of the file will have been overwritten. This reduces the chances of recovering the whole file, but it does not mean that the entire file cannot be recovered if the process is carried out by experts.

There are also other problems that can occur if the operator does not protect their system properly. A virus infection can have a huge impact on a computer hard drive and can lead to the drive becoming corrupted and leaving the files inaccessible. The easiest thing to do is to ensure that up to date virus software is installed on all machines to minimise the risk of this happening, but if it does happen you should isolate the computer from any networks and phone an expert immediately in order to ensure the virus is removed and also to maximise your chances of recovering your data from the hard drive.

Other problems that can lead to data on a hard drive becoming inaccessible are corruptions of the operating system. If you have your operating system installed in a partition on your hard disk recovery of the data and reinstallation of the operating system is less risky, but it is still possible to carry out successfully on an unpartitioned disk as well.