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I am operating an HP server on a RAID 1 array which uses 2 hard drives that I think are from Seagate. I have recently been hearing an odd clicking or clacking noise in the hard drives, but then this noise stops and the drives spin around as usual. The problem comes when I try to view the data that should be available on the drives. I struggle to get them to start up, and when I do, most of the files and folders listed in the directory are named as invalid. I have not been able to save this data to another drive, or even to the computer, because the computer thinks that they are all invalid. This is a serious problem, as I have work-related data on the drive which needs to be dealt with. I don’t know how to extract the data from the drives.


I am using a Centos 5 Server which has two disks, each holding around 4TB of storage space, in a RAID 1 array. The problem is that the computer seems to have lost contact with one of the disks. It is not able to detect it when I turn on the server, and I can’t see it in BIOS or Disk Utility, although the other drive is there. I have a lot of data stored on the drives, and while RAID 1 should be a mirror, it seems that there is some data on the missing drive which has not been shared with the other. I took advice from a professional, who replaced the drives and created a new RAID 1 configuration. However, the machine started rebuilding the new disks onto the old disk before I could stop it, so about 15% of the data on that drive was lost. I can see more data, more than 1TB, still available on the disk. I want to save this data, and I also want to get back the data that was lost.