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USB Stick Recovery Can Save Your Data


I have an Apple USB flash drive which was intended to store a number of files, including music and films, and which was needed also to remove some of the Word document files which I had on the computer. All of these files I really wanted to save, and I thought a large 32GB drive would be the ideal choice. I backed up all of the files onto it, and found that the memory was saying that it was half-full. I did not understand this, but ejected the drive safely and then put it back into the PC a while later. When I reconnected the USB stick, I found that there was a message on it, saying ‘Read Write Protection’. I can’t turn this off, but it means that I cannot open up the drive to read the information on it, and I also can’t write any more of the information onto it. I am not able to reformat the drive due to this protection, and I also can’t delete any of the files from it. I would like to be able to recover the files which have been loaded onto the USB already.


I have a Transcend 4gb USB stick which is not working. I have previously used Transcend cards in order to record pictures from my digital computer, and I thought that the USB stick would work in the same way. I needed the stick in order to save data when I was switching between two computers which both had a number of games on. I wanted to keep the data all in one place so that I could transfer games between these computers. I decided to practice the switch with a few old arcade-type games which were on the system. The drive started to copy them, and then suddenly stopped, in the middle of the next game. It simply will not copy any more games onto the drive, although it seems to have plenty of room when I check on Disk Management, and it has also passed a health check. I am pretty confused about why this system would stop working in the middle of a copy. I have looked at the USB stick, and tried to open the game files, but it seems as though all of the files it saved were corrupt, and I can’t open anything.

USB Stick Recovery Can Save Your Data

Transferring files and data between systems is now something that we do on almost a daily basis without even thinking about it. Sometimes we use USB sticks as the sole location for a file, particularly if we are working on something on several different computers. Unfortunately if you do this you have a single point of failure and could be risking losing everything that is held on that USB stick.

Although USB sticks are pretty rugged they can be susceptible to the introduction of errors as they are written to an overwritten on such a regular basis. USB sticks have such large capacities now that significant amounts of data can be stored and carried around on a single stick. The portability of a USB stick also means that they can often be damaged by dropping them in water or by accidentally exposing them to very hot or very cold temperatures. They frequently get left in pockets and get put in washing machines as well. Surprisingly USB sticks survive many of their encounters intact, but if they do not then it is possible to potentially lose a great deal of data.

If a USB stick cannot be seen by a computer it is unlikely that there is going to be any easy way for you to attempt to recover the data from it yourself. There is another option that you should consider in order to recover important data from a memory stick. If a USB stick appears to be inaccessible you should call a specialist data recovery company in order to find out what we can do for you.

You may be wondering about the cost of the recovery service that we can offer and if you give us a call we can talk you through the different levels of service that we can offer you. Therefore you can make an informed decision about recovering your data compared to regenerating your data from scratch with all of the facts at your fingertips without any obligation to commit to using our service. If your data recovery is urgent then you could use our premium service in which we will start work on your device the minute it gets to us, either when you drop it off or when it arrives by courier, and we will continue working on it 24 hours a day until it is done. Clearly this is a more expensive option than our standard service, which will place your recovery job in a queue and so it will take around 4 to 6 days to complete your recovery job.

Obviously you will want to feel sure that your recovery is being carried out the best people possible. Although our costs are highly competitive you will find that our services are of the highest quality and if we fail to recover your data then you will not be charge. Our 99% success rate and 14 years of data recovery experience means that if anyone can recover your USB data, then we can.