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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Corsair Mini Voyager 32GB Flash Drive
I have a Corsair Mini Voyager 32GB Flash Drive where I mounted Windows 7 to help my brother fix his broken computer. After fixing his rig, I wanted to demount the OS and copy all the files of the flash drive so I can use it as a regular storage device again. I think used a wrong DAEMON tools to demount Windows 7 on the flash drive and now it is no longer recognised when I plug it on my computer. Before, it showed that it is a Windows 7 CD that I could just click and install Windows 7 smoothly. But now, it looks like it contains corrupted files.

Imation 8GB Swivel
I got this Imation 8GB Swivel (because it looked pretty nifty) that came with an Imation Lock Program. The program partitions that USB flash drive and allows you to secure each with a password. I was able to use it okay before when I saved some files in it. However, now I cannot save files on it as I usually do and the worse thing is I cannot copy files I have on it.