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Hitachi Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hitachi Data Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Common Hitachi Hard Drive Failures we receive in for Data Recovery:

When a Hitachi hard drive fails it can happen for several different reasons. The Hitachi hard drive might have a software fault such as bad sectors on disk platters, firmware issues that operate the hard drive, operating system faults and file read errors caused by sector problems or viruses or malware. Hitachi Hard drives have moving parts and also can suffer from mechanical or physical damage such as read/write head damage, motor damage and damage to the disk platters. We have been recovering data in London from Hitachi hard drives for 14 years. It is important you get your data diagnosed by a Professional Data Recovery Company that specialise in recovering from Hitachi Hard Drives. Below is a list of some of the Hitachi common faults we receive in for recovery:

Hitachi Mechanical or Physical Hard Drive Failure:

Hitachi Hard Drive Mechanical or Physical failure is when the parts inside the Hitachi hard drive fail. Parts inside can fail due to wear and tear but in most cases it is either due to the hard drive getting a knock or a fall or a power surge. Typically parts failing inside the hard drive casing include Read/Write head failure – the read write head read data from the disk platters. Motor Failure – the motor spins the disk platters inside the hard drive casing. Disk Platters – Disk platters can get damage due to motor or read/write head failure. Our Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery Engineers have a high rate of recovering data from mechanical damaged Hitachi hard drives.

Deleted or Formatted Hitachi Hard Drives:

Deleting files from Hitachi hard drives happens on a daily basis. Files and folders can get deleted by accident or on purpose. If the files get deleted on purpose we have a Forensic Data Recovery Department that can recover from this situation. Hitachi Hard Drives can also get reformatted by mistake or on purpose. We have a data recovery solution for formatted or deleted data. Our Hitachi Data Recovery Engineers have 14 years experience in recovering data from this type of problem.

Electronic Failure – PCB Failure on Hitachi Hard Drives:

PCB electronic failure is when a Hitachi hard drive has damage to the electronic components on the hard drive. The electronic components on a Hitachi hard drive is usually a PCB that sits on the back of the hard drive. The PCB powers up the drive and allows it to work. In a lot of cases this board fails and the drive becomes dead and does not spin up correctly. If you have a Hitachi electronic failure we can recover your data for you as we have nearly 20,000 hard drive parts in stock.

Hard Drive Firmware Failures on Hitachi Hard Drives:

Hitachi Hard Drive Firmware is a piece of software that resides on the disk platters or the PCB on the hard drive. The hard drive firmware runs the hard drive and allows it to operate. In a lot of cases the firmware gets corrupted. When this happens your hard disk will not get recognised on boot up process or it will get recognised but by a different name than normal or will display an incorrect capacity of the hard drive. We have a large database of Hitachi firmware software for all makes and models of Hitachi hard drives. If you have a firmware failure contact one of our Data Recovery Engineers today.

Operating System Problems including Freezing or Running Slowly:

When a Windows PC, Laptop Mac or Server has an operating system fault the operating system will not load. When this happens it means the sectors on the Hitachi hard drive where the operating system is installed cannot be read correctly. This is known as bad sectors and is a very common problem with Hitachi hard drives. We have specialised hardware imaging systems that can force read off the bad sector information to enable a full data recovery.

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