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Client Emails about Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery

HGST Travelstar 7K1000
I have a slightly older model of a Macbook Pro. I have decided to swap out the built in 5400rpm 500GB with this Hitachi travelstar drive. The upgrade in speed and capacity with the good-deal kind of price got me going for this. I had it installed, partitioned and transferred all my files to it. The buzzing is quite normal but I find that there is a clicking sound that goes off like 2 metal pieces doing a high five. Anyway it worked for 2 months but then one day the Macbook Pro stopped booting and I got the question mark. The hard disc was not getting recognized by the Macbook Pro laptop. I took the Macbook Pro to Mac Store and they diagnosed that the disk had failed and they could do nothing for me.

Hitachi 4TB Hard Drive
I purchased a Hitachi 4TB Hard Drive called the Deskstar 7k4000 so I can upgrade from my current storage of only 2TB. I use it to store user accounts and data, and it has no operating system or other applications. I use it on an HP Z600 machine. Initially, I cloned the 2TB hard drive on the new drive that I bought using Clonezilla, which mirrors all content from drive to drive. I went over the 2TB limit and because of this I had to convert it from MBR disk to GPT. This was all fine and I started using the hard drive to store all by accounts data and other bits and pieces. 6 months later and the hard drive stopped working. Clicking noises was coming from the unit once I connected it up.